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Price Analysis of BlockWarrior (BLWA) and Fighter Shiba (FIGHTER)



Feb 9, 2022

The price for BlockWarrior (BLWA) has reportedly surged by 126.34% in a 24-hour window. The surge has been observed following a strong bullish rally launched by the bulls in favor of BlockWarrior. As a result, the value of BlockWarrior now stands at $0.01365 per BLWA.

As of now, the performance scale for BlockWarrior suggests that the investors are leaning towards a positive zone for BlockWarrior. Therefore, the price of BlockWarrior may continue rising higher, becoming more attractive for the investment community.

If the rally keeps adding up, then BlockWarrior’s price may get pushed up to $0.02177 per BLWA. The first surge in the price of BlockWarrior won’t be the only surge BlockWarrior would observe.

As the investors keep gathering towards the bullish side, the momentum may keep increasing from the bulls’ side. This would result in pushing the price of BlockWarrior over the 100-day SMA of $0.03577.

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Afterward, the investors may start pushing with their buying power to push its price beyond the $0.03577 figure. In such a case, the investors may try and push the price of BlockWarrior up to the third strong resistance mark ($0.04246).

In an inverse situation, the investors may start panicking if the price of BlockWarrior keeps rising. Due to the panic, a small-level selling activity may get triggered, bringing the price of BlockWarrior lower. In this particular case, the price of BlockWarrior may get pushed down to $0.01095.

If the pressure keeps building and the panic doesn’t end, then BlockWarrior may enter the bearish territory. If that happens, BlockWarrior’s price may start plunging as the selling may intensify by the investors. The rise in the selling level for BlockWarrior may bring it down to $0.00825.

The situation may worsen as the price of BlockWarrior falters below the $0.00825 mark. In the worst-case scenario, the investors may lose full confidence in BlockWarrior and a huge selling spree may come into being. This would result in a huge plunge, bringing BlockWarrior’s price lower to 0.00613.

Then comes Fighter Shiba (FIGHTER) with a really strong 775.93 rally that it has achieved in the past 24-hours. The rally has helped bring the price of Fighter Shiba up to $0.000000003137 per FIGHTER. If Fighter Shiba achieves even half or close to half of the current rally in the upcoming days, then Fighter Shiba may rise up to $0.000000012548.

It is currently the “strong buy” preference of the investors that may continue pushing Fighter Shiba’s price higher. If the bulls keep rallying, then the price of Fighter Shiba may rise up to the second strong resistance mark ($0.000000025096). If the investors continue pushing the price of Fighter Shiba with harder force, then it may shoot up to $0.37644.


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