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Price Analysis of ROGAN, METAF, SSM, IPX, and CGAR



Feb 8, 2022
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Rogan Coin (ROGAN) is currently among the cryptocurrencies demonstrating a poor performance in the past 24-hours. Rogan Coin’s price has reportedly plummeted by 66.72% and chances are, it may continue dipping. For now, the predictions are siding with the negative trend, which means that Rogan Coin’s price may sink deeper than its current price ($0.0000000007153 per ROGAN). In a case where the bears continue with their selling spree, they may find it easier to push Rogan Coin down to $0.0000000003576.

The price of Metaverse Future (METAF) is also going downstream due to heavy selling being observed by the investors. Looking at the 24h downward rally (62.78%), it is clear that the involvement of the bulls is close to nothing compared to the bears. Therefore, the price of Metaverse Future has plummeted to $0.0002592. If the bears keep running the show, then the price of Metaverse Future may plummet deeper, bringing it down to $0.0001296.

SatoShi Monsters (SSM) is also not proving to be very profitable for the bulls. At the moment, it is among the worst performers exhibiting a 61.98% plummet. So far, the plummet suggests that the bears have gone on an SSM selling rampage, and have brought its price down to $0.06391. If the bears continue with their selling spree, then more investors may prefer following their lead. This may result in pushing the price of SatoShi Monsters even lower. If that happens, then the price of SatoShi Monsters may get pushed down to $0.03195.

InpulseX (IPX) is also observing a downtrend in terms of its price because it has also been plagued by a 58.55% plummet in the past 24-hours. Due to the plummet, the price of InpulseX has dived to $0.0000004491 per IPX. If the plummet continues, then the investors may grow impatient about the situation of InpulseX turning bullish. This may result in investors selling InpulseX on a larger scale. This may trigger a high-level selling activity that would bring the price of InpulseX down to $0.0000002245.

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CryptoGuards (CGAR) is also moving down as it has observed a 56.02% plunge in the past 24-hours. As the influence of the bears keeps rising, the RSI of CryptoGuards may continue moving down the mid-line. For now, CryptoGuards’ price has sunk to $0.001676, but in the upcoming days, its price may drop deeper.

This would result in bringing the price of CryptoGuards down to its first strong resistance mark ($0.001676). If the price of CryptoGuards continues plunging, more investors would start losing their patience, and CryptoGuards’ price may plunge to $0.001257 per CGAR. With time, the selling spree may continue damaging the buildup that the bulls have achieved. This would result in bringing CryptoGuards’ price down to $0.001100.


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