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Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy and Invest within Metaverse



Feb 10, 2022

As the cryptocurrency sector is constantly growing larger, it is becoming home to more developers in the form of more spaces. From the inception of the cryptocurrency universe, one of the most prominent spaces launched is metaverse.

Initially, metaverse was launched in the form of a few cryptocurrencies that were used within the virtual worlds. With the passage of time, the number has multiplied and as of now, several hundreds of cryptocurrencies are flowing within the metaverse.

Due to the very nature of metaverse and its adoption rate, cryptocurrencies within the particular space are gaining a lot of recognition. This is the reason why the metaverse tokens are proving to be one of the most profitable assets for investors.

Within the metaverse, one of the most demanded assets is Decentraland (MANA). The value of Decentraland has reportedly surged by 24.68% in the past 7-days. At present, Decentraland is trading at a price of $3.29 per MANA. The data shows that the investors are pushing its price higher and if the rallies continue, Decentraland’s price may rise to $6.33 per MANA. At the moment, the valuation of Decentraland is worth $5,980,327,157. In the overall crypto-market, Decentraland ranks as the 30th largest cryptocurrency.

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After Decentraland, you would see The Sandbox (SAND) that is performing even better as its value has surged by 28.18% in the past 7-days. As of now, the unit price for The Sandbox is $4.66 per SAND. According to the price prediction for The Sandbox, it may soon grow all the way up to $9.52 per SAND. At the moment, the valuation of The Sandbox is worth $4,783,374,353. With such a high valuation, The Sandbox now ranks as the 34th largest cryptocurrency.

Axie Infinity (AXS) is currently the 3rd largest metaverse token in the space following MANA and SAND. The performance of Axie Infinity in the past 7-days is even more astonishing than the former cryptocurrencies. Axie Infinity’s price has reportedly surged by 41.10% in a week’s time, bringing its unit price up to $67.03 per AXS. If AXS manages to maintain almost a similar rally in the upcoming days, then its price may rise all the way up to $136.19 per AXS. The valuation for AXS currently stands at $4,082,922,851. Because of the valuation, Axie Infinity currently ranks as the 39th largest cryptocurrency in the entire crypto-verse.

Even when it comes to the overall performance of the metaverse space, it has been growing at a very significant rate. Despite experiencing pressure in terms of trading volume, the capitalization of the entire metaverse sector has continued rising. As of now, the overall valuation of the metaverse space is up by 2.1%, exhibiting a figure that is worth $32,147,807,819.


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