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Price Analysis of Doge Rise Up (DOGERISEUP) and Rogan Coin (ROGAN)



Feb 11, 2022

Doge Rise Up (DOGERISEUP) has reportedly gained a tremendous rally in the past 24-hours. As per details, a 692.89% surge has been observed for Doge Rise Up that has pushed its price up to $0.0000000005949.

The sentiments of the investors are currently leaning towards the positive territory that would help push the price of Doge Rise Up higher. Due to the strong sentiments of the investors, the price of Doge Rise Up may move up to $0.000000002647 per DOGERISEUP.

If more investors keep pushing with their buying power, then Doge Rise Up may grow up to $0.000000008736 per DOGERISEUP. The high sentiments of the investors may result in pushing Doge Rise Up across the $0.00000001764.

On the contrary, the investors may turn bearish, and Doge Rise Up may start moving in the downward direction. This would grant a lot of power to the bears in resisting against the bulls and pull Doge Rise Up lower to $0.0000000004461 per DOGERISEUP. The bears may continue with their selling spree in order to pull Doge Rise Up further down to $0.0000000003346.

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Rogan Coin (ROGA) is next in the list that has observed a high rally in favor of its price in the past 24-hours. According to data from TradingView, Rogan Coin has observed a 216.57% in a 24-hour window, bringing its unit value up to $0.0000000006883.

It was since February 9, 2022, that the investors were trying to push Rogan Coin over the $0.0000000005000 per ROGA figure. However, the bears showed a lot of resistance, thus, their price became almost stagnant.

However, on February 11, 2022, the investors pushed harder with their strong buying power, resulting in a tremendous rally. If the investors keep pushing with their strong buying power, then Rogan Coin’s price would cross the $0.000000002178 per ROGA mark.

If the momentum builds and the investors keep the buying power of Rogan Coin up to $0.000000005324 per ROGA. If the investors keep rallying in favor of Rogan Coin, then its price may rise up to $0.00000001045 per ROGA.

As of now, the ROGA investors may have positive sentiments about Rogan Coin, but the situation may change if the bears increase their resistance level.

If the bulls are not able to sustain the selling pressure of the bears, then the price of Rogan Coin may continue tripping. In this particular case, the price of Rogan Coin my end up falling down to $0.0000000005162 per ROGA.

If the resistance power of the bears manages to bring ROGA down to $0.0000000005162, then they won’t stop at this point. They will launch another attack in order to pull Rogan Coin deeper. If they keep increasing their pressure, then Rogan Coin may end up getting pulled down to $0.0000000003871.


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