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OpenZeppelin’s New Operations Platform May Help DeFi Developers in Saving Months of Work



Oct 29, 2020
OpenZeppelin’s New Operations Platform May Help DeFi Developers in Saving Months of Work

On Tuesday, OpenZeppelin made an announcement that they are currently working on a project. This new project has been named as the Defender and it is intended to be a developer suite.

OpenZeppelin is one of the largest blockchain-based software companies. The company is known for developing the most used and essential ERC-20 contracts.

While making the announcement, OpenZepplin some general information related to their ‘Defender’ project. The company stated that the ‘Defender’ project will be one of its most essential and complex projects. The developing team stated that once the tool is launched, it will help in automating many development operations.

The development projects will be associated with the decentralized applications (dapps) that are currently running on the Ethereum-blockchain. The tool will be equipped with a state of the art interface along with a user-friendly dashboard. Through the dashboard, the operators will be able to deploy upgrades and changes to the already running smart contracts.

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On top of this, the operators will be able to pull updates and information through the dashboard related to transactions and prices.

The development team also provided some general information related to other features offered by ‘Defender’. The tool will offer other features such as a knowledgebase, a transaction relaying feature, and an automated task assigning feature.

The knowledgebase feature will offer guidance for the usage of the tool. The transaction relaying feature will help the tool simplify the integration processes with the web-based back ends. The automated-task assigning feature will allow the operators to set up auto-updates for the software linked with the operator’s trading platforms.

The team at OpenZeppelin added why there is a need for tools such as the ‘Defender’. The company stated that if not for this tool, the companies would have to dedicate separate teams for each project. This would cause hindrance to other future projects that a company may have in the pipeline.

The tool has been developed to ensure that the companies do not face any blockages in their future projects. The tool will help the teams remain focused and their time does not get diverted into other and less effective projects.


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