• Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Harvest Keeper, a project that purportedly streamlined trading procedures and pledged a hundred and one percent return on investment in just twenty-one days. With the recent rise in interest in artificial intelligence following the impressive capabilities demonstrated by ChatGPT v4, a decentralized application claiming to be “AI-driven” has allegedly defrauded its users of nearly one million dollars.

CertiK, a blockchain security forum, has verified that Harvest Keeper has embezzled approximately $933,000 in user funds. Furthermore, according to CertiK, users have suffered losses of around 219,000 dollars due to phishing exchanges across the BNB Smart Chain, polygon, and Ethereum networks.

As a result, the security firm has advised users to rescind the permissions they granted to the project and has cautioned individuals to cease interacting with its website. On its website, Harvest Keeper suggested being an AI-driven project to enhance the trading process to achieve the maximum possible payout.

The platform pledged a 4.81 percent return on deposits and a 101 percent return on capital within twenty-one days, in addition to an eight percent referral reward. Harvest Keeper had a significant online presence, with almost thirty thousand followers on Twitter and over thirty-two thousand followers on Telegram.

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While the ChatGPT hype was rekindled on Twitter, numerous accounts purporting to be affiliated with “CryptoGPT” have appeared on the platform. A hashtag associated with a token initiative known as “CryptoGPT” gained popularity on March 10, prompting the creation of several comparable accounts, some promoting fraudulent giveaways.

Many Twitter accounts with comparable names have also caused problems on the platform by advertising giveaways and airdrops that are considered fraudulent. Following the latest update of ChatGPT, which demonstrated its ability to audit smart contracts on ETH, there was widespread speculation about whether it could potentially replace developers in the future.

However, during the ETHDubai conference, blockchain developers shared their confidence that the new version of the famous AI equipment will not substitute developers but assist them in their work.

Apple’s AI Initiative

The tech industry is currently abuzz with talk of artificial intelligence, which has become the latest buzzword. While Apple already utilizes machine learning to enhance its technologies in numerous ways, there are still areas where the company could benefit from embracing this latest trend.

Intriguingly, Apple engineers are exploring the potential of language-generating AI, similar to the technology that powers chatbots, such as ChatGPT, for various applications. A subsequent report by 9to5Mac confirmed that the technology, which is code-named “Bobcat,” is currently being examined for tvOS 16.4 beta.

This initiative suggests a significant potential for Siri to make a substantial leap in its capabilities. Furthermore, rumors exist that the same language-generation model mentioned earlier is already being integrated into the upcoming tvOS 16.4 update.

However, its use will be restricted in terms of the areas it will impact, and it will be utilized to enhance the existing virtual assistant rather than replacing it entirely. Although chatbots have their restrictions, they represent an improvement over traditional voice interfaces, possibly fulfilling the long-awaited goal of a completely virtual assistant that can handle intricate concepts.

For example, when I instruct my HomePod mini to turn on my living room lights, I have to use very specific language, or else I risk having lights turned on or off in a different location in my house.

There are numerous potential applications for this technology within Apple’s products. While chatbots are one possible use case, they could be deployed in many other ways.

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