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Solanaland, a platform that operates on the Solana blockchain, has declared that it will soon initiate the presale of its utility token, known as $SLAND. The announcement, released via GlobeNewswire on March 25, states that the initial coin offering presale will take place on Pink Sale, a well-known launchpad protocol, starting from March 28 this year.

The team aims to develop a comprehensive system encompassing all aspects of Solana token launches. They are confident that the platform will facilitate users in unleashing the full potential of low-cap tokens.

In addition, the company’s launchpad is especially suitable for risk-takers interested in exploring fresh opportunities in the DeFi sector. The press release stated that the team is excited to launch their utility token on Pink Sale soon.

The Solana Launchpad

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Solanaland will allow its users to establish a launchpad, secure liquidity, mint SPL tokens with ease, conduct airdrops, and automatically list on Raydium within minutes. Additionally, Solanaland is designed to operate as the ideal platform for risk-takers interested in investing in low-cap tokens with the expectation of generating substantial profits.

Low-cap tokens are typically deemed precarious as they tend to be more volatile than other cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, they offset this inherent risk with the possibility of earning considerable returns.

Solanaland is on the brink of initiating the launch of its coin within the next few days, marking the beginning of the fourth and final stage of its development, which will mainly focus on marketing efforts.

In earlier phases of the Solanaland initiative, efforts were focused on developing and incorporating functionalities to deliver a different user experience. Among these functionalities is DEXGecko, a pricing tool that enables users to monitor tokens and access real-time trading information associated with them.

More on the $SLAND Token

As previously mentioned, the $SLAND Token will act as the intrinsic utility token on Solanaland, serving as the primary means of payment for all services offered on the Solana launchpad initiative.

As per the information presented on the official website of Solanaland, there exists a complete supply of one million $SLAND tokens, of which sixty percent has been allocated for the upcoming presale. The remaining forty percent is intended to be utilized for marketing purposes and to supply the centralized exchanges.

The $SLAND presale allows investors to acquire the Token at a reduced rate that is not generally available. In addition, similar to many initial coin offerings, investors can participate in the presale by connecting their Solana wallet to the platform.

In the meantime, SOL, the intrinsic Token of the Solana blockchain, is undergoing a minor price adjustment. Coin gecko’s data indicates that SOL has decreased by over two percent over the past week.

As of the time of writing, SOL is priced at just over twenty dollars, representing a decrease of 0.39 percent in value over the last twenty-four hours. Despite this, it remains the twelfth largest market capitalization cryptocurrency, valued at about eight billion dollars.

In conclusion, the Solanaland project aims to provide a unique user experience by integrating various features that greatly benefit customers and users. Furthermore, investors can use the presale to acquire the Token at an exclusive discount. This discount aims to attract more investors to acquire the SOL token to boost sales.

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