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A Flexible Call Center and Tech Support Solution With Smardis by Oren Giditz: How Good Is It?



Aug 6, 2019
Smardis by Oren Giditz
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If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of customer experience, you are highly recommended to go with Smardis call center and technical support services.

Smardis provides comprehensive call center and technical support services to companies of all sizes. This call center service provider is currently being considered as one of the best. One should not have any doubts that Smardis LTD must be doing something right to get the fame and acclamation of the small and large businesses. There are dozens of things for you to see in a call center service before you pick it. Let’s take a look at everything that Smardis SR is doing right to get your appreciation, and perhaps an approval from you that it is one of the best call center services providers today.

Why Smardis Is So Good

Designed for Blockchain Companies

One has to mention this particular point about Smardis before anything else. You do not have a lot of call centers focusing on blockchain companies these days despite the fact that it is one of the fastest growing industries today. Talk about cryptocurrencies or the blockchain technology as a whole, you are going to see them prevalent on earth in the coming times. However, when there are a lot of blockchain companies, they will need a lot of call centers as well. At the moment, you don’t have many options. Some of the options you have include Smardis LTD by Oren Giditz. This company is focusing on the blockchain companies to help them with their increasing call center and technical support needs.

It is important to mention here that any company that has its products and services based on the blockchain will need call center services more than any other company using traditional technologies. You never know, these companies might get hundreds of calls from customers asking only about blockchain technology and how it works. In addition to that, blockchain technology is spreading at a fast pace now that businesses around the world are realizing its true potential, and the need to shift to decentralized environments.

If you are someone who is about to start a business around blockchain technology, you have Smardis to provide you with the best call center services.

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Serves Businesses of All Sizes

You will be glad to know that Smardis LTD has the right setup to provide all types of businesses call center services. You have to keep in mind that there are many small call centers pretending to be big on the internet.  These can be five or six friends with average internet connections and softphones trying to capture contracts from big companies. On the other hand, you have Smardis SR with a full-fledged setup designed for providing call center services. Whether you are a small or a large business, Smardis can provide you with the type of services you need at scale.

The company has a huge setup with enough agents to provide you with all the needed services. Yes, it is true that small call centers can provide you with affordable solutions, but you are looking at things from a wrong angle. Their services are cheap but they are costing your business a lot. Think about all the calls from your customers that go to waste. They might not even have a way to report the dropped calls to you so you never know how many of your customers were never provided the needed service. Eventually, it can prove to be the reason of high turnover rate for your customers.

You have to make sure that you pick a call center like Smardis SR that can accommodate any number of simultaneous calls from your customers. Your customers should never feel the frustration of being on hold for a long time just because you did not have enough people on the floor to attend them.

Provides Outbound and Inbound Services

You have to make sure that you pick a company that provides you with an outbound and inbound call center service if you need them both. Inbound call centers receive calls from the customers. They don’t usually call customers. On the other hand, outbound call centers are supposed to call the customers. In most cases, outbound call centers are about sales whereas inbound call centers are a lot about customer services. However, both these ideas can overlap in many situations. What you have to be careful about is that you cater to all types of customers.

If you think you are lacking new leads and potential customers, you should go for an outbound solution. In such a call center, the agents will call the customers to inquire about their preferences and note down their contact details if they are even interested in your services or products. This is called lead generation and this process can be prove to be a game changer for small businesses. On the other hand, you have inbound call center services. In such a setting, your customers will be calling in most of the time to inquire about your services. Inbound call centers can also be sales-oriented, but then you have to run expensive marketing campaigns to make customers call your number.

You should not be looking for inbound and outbound call center services separately. Dealing with multiple companies can prove to be counterproductive. At the same time, you will have two different sets of challenges to face because each company has its strengths and weaknesses.

The good thing is that you will get both the types of services with Smardis. Smardis SR has trained professionals who can take care of your sales, order processing, lead generation, etc. for you. In addition to receiving calls from your customers and resolving their matters, these professionals can also call new customers and generate leads for you. In simple words, you receive a complete call center solution in the shape of Smardis LTD.

Delivers Customer Support through Multiple Channels

If you think customer support and technical support is all about taking calls, you are living in the past. Things have changed quite a bit in the recent years. Today, you have to adapt to the changes in technological preferences by your customers. Rather than inviting your customers to certain platforms, technologies, etc. you have to go where your customers are residing. For example, you can’t expect your customers to come to your website. Instead, you create your businesses pages on social networking websites to catch your customers where they are usually found.

In a similar manner, you have to ensure that you provide customer support to your customers in a way they prefer. You can’t force them to call you. Yes, when you talk about people who are above the age of 30 and 35, they are used to calling companies to make inquiries. However, that’s not the case with the newer generations. The new and young generation likes to talk on instant messaging applications like Whatsapp. They will not bother to call you and instead change to a service provider who serves them according to their needs. In the light of that, you have to make sure to not limit yourself to providing customer support only on phone.

Smardis provides you customer support and technical support services on all the channels that you can think of. First, Smardis SR will be taking the calls of your customers and making calls to the customers. In addition to that, Smardis LTD by Oren Giditz will also serve your customers on the most popular instant messaging applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, etc. If you have customers who prefer to send and receive emails, Smardis will adapt to that. If nothing works, you can have the live chat support integrated on your website where Smardis SR agents will talk to your customers about their needs and provide them with apt answers instantly.

Smardis by Oren Giditz

Scales Services to Your Requirements

One of the most important things about Smardis LTD is that it can scale its services according to your needs. Now, you have to realize here that you have two types of scaling needs. One, you will need the company to make arrangement for the additional headcount on an instant basis. Two, you will require the company to have enough agents to keep providing you with smooth call center and support services as the business continues to grow. The former situation arises when you run a marketing campaign and expect a deluge of calls from your customers. The second scenario is natural i.e. your company will need more people to take calls when your business grows along with the customer count.

Smardis can scale its services according to your needs on instant and ongoing bases. If you have started a marketing campaign and you expect a lot of calls from your customers, you have to make sure you have enough people attending the calls. Every missed or dropped call in this particular case is like a dropped sale. In the end, you will be losing a lot of businesses just because the call center you opted for does not have enough resources to meet your varying needs on an ongoing basis.

Customizes Packages According to Your Needs

You will need this particular feature a lot if you are a new business. As a new business, you want to make sure that you cut your costs in every possible way. You can’t always pick the pre-defined packages from the call center service providers because they will not always fit your budget. You want the service provider to listen to your needs and come up with a package that suits you perfectly. That’s what you are going to get when you hire Smardis SR for call center services. Smardis has been in business for enough years to understand the unique needs of every business.

Some businesses need customer support services purely i.e. they just want to take calls from existing customers and help them with their concerns. On the other hand, some companies are looking for a way to boost their sales. What they do is that they hire the services of an outbound call center wherein agents generate leads through cold-calling. Some companies are willing to pay extra to get the best call quality while others want the best of both worlds within as little as possible. The right call center service will design a package that meets the needs of these companies perfectly.

Works with the Smallest Downtimes

Even if everything your call center does is unique and on a different level, you can’t finalize the deal unless you know about the downtime or uptime. Downtime tells you the availability of your call center services for your customers. You have to keep in mind here that a call center is operating with a lot of technological equipment. From the best internet connection to a huge IT setup in the backend to manage workstations, call routing, CRM database, etc. These elements are integral to every call center and need proper maintenance. Despite the maintenance needs, your call center does not have any excuse to be down for any number of seconds or minutes.

You can’t tell your customers that you could not pick up their phone just because there was a power outage issue. Your customers expect you on the other side of the phone “always”. At the same time, you never know what your customer might be calling about. What if the customer has something really urgent to tell you and is looking for an instant solution to the problem? Will you tell the customer that you had some issue with your phones or internet connection, and that’s why you could not pick up the call? Imagine the damage your brand will receive if such is told to the customers.

You will not have to face these embarrassing situations with Smardis. Smardis LTD by Oren Giditz is known for having some of the most impressive uptimes and negligible downtimes.

Bottom Line  

You can see from the features stated above that Smardis SR is not a small or ordinary call center service provider. Smardis is one of the best right now and its features tell you why. If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of customer experience, you are highly recommended to go with Smardis call center and technical support services.


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