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Famous Crypto Entrepreneur, Guy Galboiz, Soon to Spark Interest in Crypto-investors at a Conference in Zurich



Oct 14, 2018
Guy Galboiz

Guy Galboiz will talk about why now is the time to invest in cryptocurrencies, and what steps aspiring crypto-investors should take to make their investments safe.

[Zurich] – October 15, 2018 – Guy Galboiz, one of the most influential crypto-investors of today, is about to speak at a conference in Zurich about the state of cryptocurrencies and crypto-investments. It will be a perfect moment for crypto-investors from around the world to listen to a man who understands the ins and outs of today’s cryptocurrency market so they can make well-informed decisions.

The best thing is that just like always, Guy Galboiz will be addressing not just the experienced but new crypto-investors as well. It is one of his strengths that he always talks in a way that makes sense to even the people who are taking interest in cryptocurrencies for the first time. Starting from the basics of cryptocurrencies, he will touching on points such as the best cryptocurrencies for investments, the current state of cryptocurrencies, future of cryptocurrencies, and the most talked about topic, cryptocurrency regulations.

Here are some of the topics he will cover in his speech.

The Basics of Cryptocurrencies

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The first thing that’s important is that everyone who wishes to invest in digital coins understands what they mean. “You’d be wrong to think that cryptocurrencies is just fiat currencies in the digital world. Of course that notion is wrong because fiat currencies already exist in digital form in banking systems but they still cannot offer the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Let’s just start with this one difference ‘no middlemen in cryptocurrencies’. That’s what a lot of cryptocurrency based solutions are proposing today”, said Guy Galboiz while clarifying the differences between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

A lot of people for whom the concept of cryptocurrencies is new do not realize the many differences between crypto-coins and conventional paper currencies. The first thing these people have to understand is the cryptocurrencies do not exist in physical form, they never did. They are produced in the cyber world, used in cyber world, and if someone was to steal them, they will have to do that through some form of hacking.

]And that’s where another important point arises i.e. the security and safety of cryptocurrencies. The most important thing about cryptocurrencies is that they are based on a blockchain model. There is no centralized institution or entity that stores all the information about the production and consumption of a digital currency. In fact, there is no central body to regulate it. Blockchain is a fancy name given to the public ledger. It is a ledger that every person who has some digital currency has access to. The blockchain information saved on a customer A’s device is the same as the information saved on a customer B’s device.

Despite being completely based in the online world, cryptocurrencies offer much more safety and security than traditional fiat currencies. Guy Galboiz explains:

“When you think of cryptocurrencies, just think of your world, your financial matters, your use of currency in an imaginary digital world. You use your hands to hand over the money to a shop owner when you purchase something. In the digital world, you do that digitally with the help of a public and private key. You keep a purse, wallet, or a bag to store your money in the physical world. You have e-wallets to store your digital coins. E-wallets are nothing but software applications designed to store cryptocurrencies.”

The best thing about cryptocurrencies is that they can have an international outreach too. They can become international standards. A person sitting in India can buy something in the US using some cryptocurrency without worrying about any exchange rates.

The Current State of Cryptocurrencies

Despite the future being bright for cryptocurrencies, most newcomers into the world of digital currencies are concerned about the current state of matters. It does not matter what future holds for cryptocurrencies, these individuals want to take steps based on what the existing market shows them.

Guy Galboiz warns the newcomers by saying, “The first thing you have to completely ignore when you start following the cryptocurrency market is the fluctuation and volatility. Cryptocurrency markets are volatile because they are new. Any news about regulation or announcement of a new product launch can send cryptocurrency charts completely in the upward or downward direction. But that’s the nature of the beast and you have to familiarize yourself with it before you commit to put your hard-earned money on the line.”

One of the things that new investors have to know is that cryptocurrency market is huge today. Bitcoin or Ethereum are not cryptocurrency markets anymore. Today, there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies and each plays an important role in shaping up the cryptocurrency market charts. When a famous digital coin is going down in value, some other cryptocurrency might just be going up. That’s what diversification is and it is exactly the thing that makes cryptocurrency market viable today.

The movement of cryptocurrency markets depends a lot on new announcements and regulatory news these days. Every country is thinking of a way to regulate the cryptocurrencies and that’s what can result in their up and down movement. However, that’s just a sign of adjustments. Cryptocurrencies are making adjustments to the changing market conditions. They are not going out in any way.
In the month of October in 2018, most of the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc. are showing signs of stability as well.

Best Countries for Cryptocurrencies

One important point in Guy’s talk will be the best countries for cryptocurrencies. With time, some countries have proved to be crypto-friendly while others have completely banned digital coins. Those that are crypto-friendly are seeing future potential in cryptocurrency based financial systems. Those that have banned the digital coins have done so only because they can’t come up with immediate policies to control their movement, storage, and production. The good news is that the large economies of the world are all open to cryptocurrencies.

The US does not ban cryptocurrencies. Some people confuse the take of SEC on ICOs as an action against cryptocurrencies, which is not the case. Securities and Exchange Commission in the US is only taking actions against ICOs that claim that they are not securities when SEC thinks they are. On the other hand, blockchain based projects that are purely cryptocurrencies face no issues in the US.

Switzerland is going with its own Cryptocurrency Valley. The country is considered one of the safest for cryptocurrencies with a town where the offices of all blockchain projects are located side by side. Australia has clarified that it thinks of cryptocurrencies as just another form of currency. In Australia, a person with Bitcoins can go to a store and buy something while paying in the form of Bitcoins. Of course, they have to go to a store that does accept digital coins.

Japan has come forward as one of the cryptocurrency-friendly nations in Asia because of its clear framework around cryptocurrencies. It is clear that the country wants to have a set of rules and regulations to control the movement of digital coins. It has also become quite a friendly destination for cryptocurrencies after the hostile attitude from China and India. South Korea started out as the perfect place for cryptocurrency trades. Later on, things changed and South Korea might just be as hostile as China to cryptocurrencies in the coming times.

In most of the European countries, the only big concern with the exchange of cryptocurrencies is money laundering. So, most of the countries in the region are only looking for ways to come up with an anti-money laundering solution. Once that’s in place, one could expect Europe to be a friendly region for cryptocurrencies as well.

Advice before Investing

Guy Galboiz will be giving some valuable advice to the aspiring crypto-investors on how they should ensure that their investments are safe. Some of the points that he seems to stress a lot include the following:

Regulation in the cryptocurrency market is only a good thing and investors should welcome it rather than fearing it. If there is no regulation, investors could end up just like many others before them who invested in some huge blockchain projects only to find out later that those projects were frauds.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the biggest currencies of the cryptocurrency market but they are not the only ones. In fact, there are many other stable currencies that investors should look forward to investing in. Some of the names include XRP, Stellar, EOS, Tether, etc.
Market volatility is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a good thing when investors are looking to make big profits. Less volatile markets are not profitable and thus they can be boring for the new investors.

CFD trading is another way of getting into the cryptocurrency trading, and it is also an easy way to do that. CFD trading is trading with the contracts rather than owning the financial asset. A person who does not have any bitcoins can trade bitcoins with the help of CFD. Cryptocurrencies are so popular today that most online platforms now offer cryptocurrency CFD trading along with other financial instruments as well.

Diversification is something that investors in any financial market see as one of the best investment strategies. Diversification means investing in multiple asset types to avoid the big losses that might come when one asset’s value goes down. A person investing in the cryptocurrency market should keep away from investing all the money in bitcoin because if Bitcoin goes down, their entire investment will be in loss. A better way to invest would be to mix other currencies like XRP, Stellar, Litecoin, etc. into the mix.

Regulation Is Not Bad

The famous cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur thinks that the fear around regulation is unnecessary. Guy said, “Would you invest in a cryptocurrency if you were told that you cannot file a complaint anywhere if these guys end up running with your money?”

According to Galboiz, investors are missing the point of regulation. Most of the regulation is about making the investments safer for investors. Policies and steps like Know Your Customers, ICO registrations, anti-money laundering, etc. are only there to make this industry safe for investors. New investors will be incurring lots of losses without proper regulation in place.

A Cryptocurrency Hub from Guy Galboiz

After looking at the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and also the need of educating new people about this new technology, Guy Galboiz has decided to start his own Crypto Hub. This is going to be a platform where people interested in cryptocurrencies can obtain all the information they need to make safe investments. They will know about the current market conditions and trends. Furthermore, they will receive all the advice they need before investing in cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency hub from Guy Galboiz will be one of the most valuable online repositories for interested crypto-investors who always wanted to be a part of this industry that’s supposed to shape up the future. Talking about his crypto hub, Guy said, “I have a million things to do as part of my daily routine. No matter how much I want to help everyone individually with cryptocurrency-related matters, my schedule does not allow me to do so. However, my cryptocurrency hub will be a perfect way for me to deliver the knowledge I have about the industry to the people who need it the most.”

There is lot for crypto-investors to learn from someone who has seen it all. Guy Galboiz is one of the handful of people who are willing to share their knowledge of cryptocurrencies to others to help them become rich investors as well. He travels the world delivering speeches about the cryptocurrency industry and how ordinary people can become a part of it. His upcoming speech in Zurich is definitely going to be of a lot of value for any crypto-investors from any part of the world. There is a lot to learn from him and no interested individual should miss this opportunity.


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