• Thu. May 30th, 2024

Safemoon, a DeFi project, has stated on its official Twitter account that its liquidity pool has been affected. The amount of money stolen due to the exploit is still undisclosed. Safemoon has asserted that it is trying to resolve the problem, but information regarding the matter needs to be more specific.

The team promptly resolves the issue; updates will be available on their Twitter account. They appreciate the support as they work to tackle the situation. John Karony, the CEO, reposted the identical statement but hasn’t added any additional comments.

Safemoon platform focuses on building and advancing Blockchain, NFT, Web 3.0, and metaverse technologies. Nevertheless, since its inception in March 2021, the company has been embroiled in various disputes.

The Particular Software Glitch Under Discussion

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Despite Safemoon’s silence, other parties have spoken up about the situation. PeckShield, a security company, has disclosed that a burning bug was introduced via a contract update, which enabled anyone to destroy tokens.

PeckShield has suggested that the upgrade may have been initiated through a deployer contract, which implies that there could have been a critical admin leak. However, the firm couldn’t provide details on how much cryptocurrency, if any, was affected.

DeFi developer, DeFi mark claimed that SafeMoon was hacked for close to nine million dollars and revealed that he was able to identify a blatant loophole. The public burn function enables users to burn tokens from any address. The attacker used this function to remove Safemoon tokens from the Liquidity Pool of Safemoon WBNB, thereby artificially inflating the value of the native ticket.

The Perpetrator Makes Contact

After news of the vulnerability became public, the value of Safemoon’s SFM token plummeted, falling by as much as thirty percent. Nevertheless, just hours after the attack, the culprits responded to a message in the transaction thread.

They hinted that they were prepared to return the stolen funds to Safemoon, which they eventually did. According to data from Peck Shield, the attackers transferred BNB tokens amounting to four thousand, which amounted to one million two hundred thousand dollars.

The attackers reached out to Safemoon, claiming that they unintentionally executed an attack against them; they stated that they were willing to give back the funds. They requested Safemoon to establish a secure means of communication between them to have a conversation.

The Subject of Constant Disputes

The timing of the attack and the subsequent security breach couldn’t have been more unfortunate for Safemoon, which had recently been promoting its Orbital Shield security offering. Although the exploit isn’t connected to this product, it doesn’t instill confidence in the project’s security products.

Since its establishment in 2021, the protocol has been plagued by disputes. In 2022, YouTuber Coffeezilla harshly criticized the protocol, claiming that the previous CEO, Kyle, had engaged in fraud. He also accused the current CEO of stealing from his project.

Several class action lawsuits have also been filed against the protocol, further tarnishing its reputation. These lawsuits have alleged that the project is a pump-and-dump scheme that breaches multiple securities laws. The SFM token experienced a significant rise when one of the lawsuits was dismissed. Nonetheless, that increase was short-lived.

The overall impact of the lawsuits, however, has cast a shadow of doubt over the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the Safemoon project. It remains to be seen whether the protocol can regain the confidence of investors and users in the face of such legal challenges.

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