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Price Analysis of The Citadel (THECITADEL) and Meta House (META HOUSE)



Mar 7, 2022

In the past 24-hours, The Citadel (THECITADEL) and Meta House (META HOUSE) have risen to fame, having observed huge rallies. The analyses for both cryptocurrencies have been shared by CoinMarketCap, providing details on where these cryptocurrencies may land in the upcoming days.

The Citadel’s Elevation to $0.000000000002753

The price of The Citadel was observing a much lower price before the surge 84.44% surge happened. The surge managed to push the value of The Citadel, all the way up to $0.000000000001446 per THECITADEL.

The constant buying power of the bulls has dramatically pushed the trading volume of The Citadel to $153,840. The data shows that in the past 24-hours, the trading volume for The Citadel has surged by 416635.44%.

As of now, investing in The Citadel is proving to be a profitable move for the investors. Therefore, the investors may continue buying The Citadel to push its value to higher levels.

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With the growing power of the bulls, the value of The Citadel may continue to grow higher. As a result, the price of The Citadel may get pushed up to the first resistance checkpoint ($0.000000000002056).

As time goes by and the bulls keep buying The Citadel to increase its demand, then The Citadel may move up to $0.000000000002490 per THECITADEL.

Going forward, the bears may launch a counter-attack before The Citadel hits the third major resistance checkpoint ($0.000000000002753). If the bulls face the counter-attack of the bears with high buying force, then The Citadel may get pushed up to the third resistance checkpoint.

Meta House’s Elevation to $0.01126

Meta House has also delivered high performance in the past 24-hours. The digital asset has proven that despite the general crypto-market dip, it has the potential to stay lucrative for investors. So far, the buyers have added tremendous value to Meta House by increasing its buying power.

At the time of writing, the META HOUSE/USDT pair is trading at a value of $0.006171 per META HOUSE. Meta House has observed a 78.22% rally in the past 24-hours and the data suggests that it may continue growing in size.

If the bulls keep accumulating Meta House, then the value of Meta House may grow up to $0.008584 per META HOUSE.

The summary scale for Meta House shows that the sentiments of the investors are at “strong buy”. This means that the value of Meta House may grow to higher values in the upcoming days. If the bulls keep buying Meta House, then it may grow up to $0.01026 per META HOUSE.

The moving averages and the RSI for Meta House may also grow in favor of the bullish trend. As the trend line continues moving in the upstream channel, then the price of Meta House may grow up to $0.01126.


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