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Price Analysis of Code7 (CODE7), veDAO (WEVE), and Boosted Finance (BOOST)



Mar 8, 2022

Code7 Has Potential to Surge to $19.40

Code7 (CODE7) is constantly adding more figures to its value in the past 24-hours, as the bulls have pushed with a 72.12% rally. At the time of publication, the value of Code7 is at $13.20, which was at a low of $7.71 a day back.

The preference of the investors at present is with the bulls as they are going with “strong buy”. If the bulls keep going for higher gains, the demand for Code7 may continue growing. This would help the buyers bring more investors to their side, which would result in pushing Code7 to $15.18 per CODE7.

Once the bulls hit the first resistance mark, they may grow the confidence of going for the next benchmark. At present, the second resistance line for Code7 is at $17.56 per CODE7.

The overall factors are already in favor of the bullish trend, which means that the bulls can advantage of the trend to push CODE7 to $19.40.

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veDAO (WEVE) Has Potential to Surge to $0.08189

veDAO (WEVE) is also observing a high performance, as its value has grown by 67.76%. At the beginning of yesterday, the value of veDAO was at a low of $0.025 per WEVE. However, the buyers increased their efforts in order to push veDAO to a higher value.

The current value of veDAO at $0.04473 is proof that the bulls have finally prevailed, and their increased buying has elevated the value of veDAO. If the bulls keep up with their buying efforts, they may be able to push veDAO to higher resistance marks.

For that, the bulls will need to set the stage, which would provide assurance to the investors that they will earn profits by accumulating veDAO. If the investors end up growing such sentiment then the price of veDAO may start surging.

The first resistance line that the bulls may attempt to cross would be $0.05988 per WEVE. After crossing the first resistance mark, the bulls will need to remain persistent and keep accumulating more veDAO to their portfolios. This would subsequently elevate the price of veDAO to $0.07002 per WEVE.

Boosted Finance (BOOST) has the Potential to Surge to $2.33

The buyers of Boosted Finance (BOOST) are also eager to push it to higher values. This is the reason why they have initiated high buying activity in order to push Boosted Finance to a higher value.

The buyers have accomplished a high 60.00% rally that has pushed Boosted Finance’s price to $1.36 per BOOST. As the investors keep acquiring more Boosted Finance with high momentum, the price of Boosted Finance may continue growing.

In near future, the hard work of the bulls may pay off and they may achieve milestones representing high resistance. The first resistance mark the bulls may hit would be $1.76, followed by the second resistance mark ($2.033), and the major resistance mark ($2.33).


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