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Price Analysis of MiniTesla (MINITESLA), VSolidus (VSOL), and VIVAL (VIV)



Feb 14, 2022

The price analysis report for MiniTesla (MINITESLA) is proving to be very attractive for investors looking for positive gains. It is because, in the past 24-hours, the investors have grown positive about MiniTesla and they have increased their investments.

It is because of the strong positive sentiments of the investors that a 117.78% rally has been formed around MiniTesla. Due to the strong rally, the price of MiniTesla has grown higher, and at present, the figure being recorded for MiniTesla is worth $0.0000000004011 per MINITESLA.

The market valuation for MiniTesla has also surged at the same rate and it is currently exhibiting a figure worth $169,566. If the investors keep investing in MiniTesla in the upcoming days, they may help MiniTesla grow up to its first strong resistance mark of $0.0000000008735.

If the rally sticks round for good, then MiniTesla may end up elevating towards its second strong resistance mark of $0.000000001387. Once the second strong resistance mark is hit, the investors would be able to achieve the third strong resistance mark of $0.000000001796.

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The situation seems to be proving favorable for the investors of VSolidus (VSOL) as well. This is because, in the past 24-hours, VSolidus’s price has continued elevating at a 90.67% rate. This is quite remarkable for VSolidus, as its investors have displayed great resolve in pushing its price higher.

At the time of publication, the investors would be able to witness a unit price of $0.000691 for VSolidus. However, if the rally remains intact and the bears are not able to change the situation, then VSolidus may hit its first strong resistance mark of $0.001317.

If the investors keep fighting the bulls and do not give in to the bearish attempts, then the price of VSolidus may grow higher in size. If the bulls keep up with their strong buying activity, then VSolidus may grow up to its second strong resistance mark of $0.001914.

Once the $0.001914 price is hit, the psychological support for VSolidus may grow, and the investors may aim for $0.002000. At this point, the bears may push with their selling power, and if the bears lose, then VSolidus may rise to $0.002349.

The supporters of VIVAL (VIV) are also experiencing a high trend as the price of VIVAL is growing higher. In the past 24-hours, VIVAL has surged by 57.06%, bringing its unit price up to $0.2693 per VIV.

If the investors keep pouring in more money to favor VIVAL’s rise, then VIVAL’s price may grow up to $0.4229. As more momentum builds in favor of VIVAL, then the price of VIVAL may surge up to its second strong resistance mark of $0.5436, and then to $0.6212.


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