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Price Analysis of BHPCoin (BHP) and Quarashi (QUA)



Feb 13, 2022

As per data from TradingView, BHPCoin (BHP) observed a unit price of $0.2511 per BHP on February 6, 2022, which was a low figure for BHPCoin. At that point, it was observed that the investors were trying hard to trigger a strong rally in favor of BHPCoin.

However, even the slightest of the rallies were met with high BHPCoin sales that would keep pulling the price of BHPCoin to a lower figure.

Despite the rise and fall, a trend was being formed for BHPCoin that was visibly moving in the upward direction. As of now, the price of BHPCoin is at $2.32 per BHP, which suggests that the bulls have finally taken the load.

It was a combined effort of the bulls and the investors that have managed to trigger a 608.91% rally in the past 24-hours, moving BHP to its current unit price.

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If the investors keep the rally alive, then the price of BHPCoin may grow up to its first strong resistance mark ($6.96). Given the current sentiments of the investors going in favor of BHPCoin, it is highly likely that BHPCoin would achieve the $6.96 figure.

From this point onwards, the price of BHPCoin may continue surging, growing all the way up to the second strong resistance mark of $10.44 per BHP. If the rally manages to stay for a while, then the price of BHPCoin may continue growing higher.

The RSI for BHPCoin has also moved in the positive territory alongside the moving averages. As the rally continues, the oscillators would also start supporting a bullish trend, eventually supporting a high gaining rally.

If the bears do not show much resistance and the bulls continue pushing harder, BHPCoin may finally hit a peak price of $13.05 per BHP.

As for Quarashi (QUA), it also observed a low price of $0.02793 per QUA on February 6. However, the price of Quarashi fluctuated more than the price of BHPCoin. Still, an uptrend was visible, which was gradually supporting the sentiments of the bullish investors.

Finally, the bulls got the support they were looking for, and the price of Quarashi skyrocketed in the past 24-hours with a 149.55% rally. As of now, Quarashi is trading at a unit price of $0.07306 per QUA.

Although Quarashi has not observed the same rally as BHPCoin, its growth is much more realistic compared to the former digital asset. The data suggests that it would be easier for the investors to support a rally with such a growth rate. This would eventually help Quarashi grow in price and volume.

If the rallies continue, Quarashi would be able to grow up to $0.1823 and then go on to hitting the second strong resistance point ($0.3186). Going forward, Quarashi may achieve a new peak price of $0.4378.


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