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No, Russell Okung is not Getting Paid in Bitcoin



Jan 2, 2021

In the current year, the cryptocurrency industry has gained an enormous amount of mainstream success all over the world. There are now several countries and financial institutions all around the world that are adopting crypto-blockchain technology.

Apart from the financial institutions, cryptocurrencies have even gained adoption and success in other sectors. When it comes to other sectors joining the crypto-league, some of the most prominent sectors are sports, eSports, arts, and fashion.

There are several players from the sports sector that are now joining the crypto-verse whether it would be by the clubs or by the individuals.

As per the recent reports, it was rumored that one of the NFL players ‘Russell Okung’ was getting paid in Bitcoin (BTC) instead of fiat currency. Russell Okung is a player at the National Football League and is a very supportive sports personality of the Bitcoin (BTC) industry.

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Whenever Russell Okung talks about cryptocurrencies on Twitter, he never forgets about mentioning Bitcoin (BTC). It has been a decent amount of time since Okung has been talking positively about Bitcoin (BTC).

On several occasions, the player has expressed his interest in investing more in Bitcoin (BTC) than he currently is. He has shared many times through Twitter that he always converts a portion of his salary into Bitcoin (BTC).

However, the employers of Russell Okung ‘Carolina Panthers’ have provided clarity on the rumors. It was rumored by many crypto-enthusiasts that Russell Okung was getting his salary in Bitcoin (BTC). But the Carolina Panthers have shut down all these rumors.

One of the spokespersons from the Carolina Panthers has confirmed that all teammates at the Carolina Panthers are getting paid in dollars and Russell Okung is no exception.

The spokesperson from the Carolina Panthers stated that their only responsibility is to ensure that the player gets his money in dollars. What he does with the money afterward is completely up to the player and they have no say in it. He also assured that there has not been any agreement signed between the executives and the player suggesting that he would be paid in Bitcoin (BTC).

It has been reported that the NFL player is in the final year of his four-year contract and currently plays as the Offensive Tackler. The player will be earning around $13 million from his last year in the contract.

It was recently reported that the player has adopted Strike that is a crypto-startup to convert some of his earnings into Bitcoin (BTC). The Strike platform is said to provide its users the ability to transfer funds anywhere in the world without incurring any fees.

At present the Strike application is available for iOS, Chrome, and Android.


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