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Dash Announces Launch of Testnet for Payment Wallet



Jan 3, 2021
Dash Announces Launch of Testnet for Payment Wallet

As per the recent updates, Dash has now moved its development on the platform’s v0.17 to the next phase. The announcement was made by Dash on Wednesday on its latest platform developments. That is when Dash confirmed that it is now going to start its testnet phase for the v0.17.

Initially, the reports emerged back in July of 2020, when it was revealed that Dash plans on launching its testnet before the end of the same year. However, due to some delays and unforeseen reasons, the testnet phase ended up being stalled. Now that things are normal and going as planned, Dash is going to continue with its next testnet phase.

At the time of the announcement, it was revealed by the Dash management that the testnet environment will be completely owned by the Dash Core Group. It also confirmed that the new testnet environment would be five times bigger than Evonet.

The head of product at Dash, Dana Alibrandi, also talked about the recent developments on the Dash project. Dana stated that this is by far the biggest deployment that has been made by the Dash platform. She added that with the launch of the new platform, Dash will finally achieve the most significant milestone that it had its eyes upon for so long.

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Dana stated that Dash always wanted to ensure that it gains mainstream adoption and this is the platform that will make it happen for Dash.

While talking about the new platform, Dana also talked about some of the upgrades that the v0.17 will be equipped with. She revealed that the v0.17 upgrade will patch infinite vulnerabilities for credit mining. The v0.17 release will offer numerous features and improvements for the light client version of the platform.

With the help of the light client updates, the platform will be able to target more markets and more mainstream adoption.

Even though Dash’s v0.17 release is still undergoing the testnet phase, Dash officials have already made another promising announcement. The development team at Dash has revealed that it is already in the process of coming up with ideas and updates for the v0.18 release.

The firm has announced that it plans on launching the v0.18 upgrade either by the end of January or the beginning of February. The v0.18 release will introduce more improvements and upgrades for its light client. Additionally, the new release will also provide enhanced functionality for Android apps and iOS through the Dash platform.

Apart from v0.17, the Dash platform has also made another announcement. It has announced that it will be launching DashPay onto the public alpha phase. It is a social cryptocurrency payments wallet that carries addresses that are readable by humans.


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