• Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

NearPay, a crypto-friendly financial protocol, has introduced its latest digital innovations to its users. It launched wallets compatible with iOS and Android devices and introduced digital crypto cards.

NearPay Introduce Virtual Cards And Mobile Wallets

According to the announcement, NearPay is determined to expose its users to experience evolving digital banking. To that effect, it integrated digital tools like crypto cards and wallets for mobile devices. 

It also promised to release its physical crypto cards in the future. However, people living in specified regions can access the recent innovations of the protocol. 

According to reports, only citizens in the UK, Iceland, Norway, and other countries under the European Union can access NearPay’s latest digital tools. The tool enables users to buy digital assets via bank transfer or credit cards, as well as withdraw into their bank accounts. 

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They can also exchange, receive or send digital assets via the wallet. Furthermore, users can access about 38 digital assets in their wallets, including famous cryptos like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In addition, users can also use their virtual visa cards to pay for items they bought on platforms that accept crypto payments with automated fiat conversion. The wallet allows users to make customary bank transfers in currencies like GUR and EUR.

Interestingly, the announcement revealed that users would receive incentives of 15.8% API with free withdrawal and deposit transactions on the wallet.

Users Have To Register To Enjoy NearPay Wallet Benefits

To enjoy the benefit of the latest tools on NearPay, potential users have to register and get approval on the platform. Additionally,  users can manage and monitor their expenses, oversee their pins, freeze and unfreeze their cards and also organize their accounts through the app or website interface.

In an interview, NearPay’s spokesperson revealed that the firm currently limits the use of virtual cards and wallets in Europe alone. He also added that the firm plans to release its physical crypto card soon.

Commenting on the launch, NearPay’s COO, Ivan Ilin, stated that the newly launched apps would help their customers to access NearPay wallets anywhere at any time and also enjoy many other crypto services without stress on the app.

Some analysts suggested that the total number of payments through digital assets transactions would be up to $10 billion worldwide this year, 2022. Furthermore, a recent survey showed that about 60% of its respondents prefer to use crypto to pay for online products and services they purchase.

Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown

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