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The developers of Dogechain have attempted to buy off Billy Markus by offering him 10 billion Dogechain tokens for his support in persuading the Doge community that Dogechain will contribute to the development of DOGE. The hands-off partner and part owner of Dogecoin surprisingly turned down the offer. Later discovered that he had no interest in developing any cryptocurrency whatsoever.

Dogecoin Refuses Dogechain

Billy Markus, who co-founded Dogecoin, the original meme coin, with his partner Jackson Palmer deserves deep respect for not turning on the Doge army by accepting to promote its contemporary counterpart Dogechain despite getting offered a large sum of money. Vee said that Billy Markus is worth holding in high regard by the DOGE community after what he did. 

Markus retorted to the tweet by stating that he never got rich off Dogecoin, even though he gets consistently trolled for cashing out of the cryptocurrency and manipulating its market value, among other things. For a fact, he abandoned the token immediately after its release but maintained his space on Twitter making posts about the digital currency and the crypto market collectively. Not long ago, he announced that he had no aim of reverting to continue building DOGE and creating a new token. 

Red flags about Dogechain

DC got released on August 24 through airdropping to wallets that had engaged with the mainnet prior, August 23. It gained recognition after its debut as a cryptocurrency inspired by DOGE and its use case to act as its second protocol for Defi solution and NFTs while confirming they are totally at one with the Ethereum smart contract. 

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Notwithstanding, the Doge community released a statement denying the correlation between Dogecoin and Dogechain later in July. They went further to say that DC is a useless token that has no and will never have an impact on Dogecoin. Warning potential investors not to dip their money in a honey pot and expose them regarding paying influencers to advertise the token to trick investors into getting ripped. 

Some hours ago, the price of the coin had a maximum surge of 220% after Kucoin announced listing it, trading at an ATH of $0.002694. But as of the time of writing, it had lost everything it had in gain. 

A source claims that developers of DC dumped the coin at 1 million units per minute. However, their official page has said nothing to counter that accusation. Other degrading comments are floating around the internet, especially on Twitter, calling the project a scam and a knockoff. 

Doge holders are warned not to risk spending their tokens on a hoax like Dogechain as they would eventually bear the brunt of losing their money. DC is not a trusted project, and given there are no good words going out about it sends a red signal concerning it.

Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown

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