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Moxium Review – Make Your Mark in Cryptocurrency Trading



Sep 30, 2011
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Moxium Broker Summary
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Here at TheNextBitcoin.net you can learn about many trading platforms, one of them is Moxium, we have concluded that Moxium is a good trading platform, it is NOT a scam! Read our Moxium review today and learn all you need to know about the Moxium trading platform and why we recommend it for all traders.

Moxium Review

Moxium ReviewDo you want to make your mark in cryptocurrency trading? You are definitely not alone. Many people heard about how Bitcoin changed the lives of traders due to its sudden rise a couple of years ago. Since then, the fascination with cryptocurrency has increased and everyone wants to have a share of the market. Like other instruments that are traded, you will need a broker to provide you with a trading platform and other services that you require during trading. With the popularity of cryptocurrencies, a number of brokers have sprung up catering to traders who only wish to indulge in cryptocurrency trading. Moxium is one of them.

This broker is distinguished from other brokers by the fact that it is a product of the effort of former equity and cryptocurrency traders. They used their market insights and experience to form this brokerage and have equipped with every possible service people might need to trade cryptocurrencies in a comfortable manner. As a result, Moxium has managed to development an excellent reputation in the market. The broker enables traders to have a brilliant and smooth trading experience, which motivates them to trade easily and profitably. What makes the broker so special? Different features and services of the broker are highlighted below to indicate exactly why it has become the top choice of many cryptocurrency traders.

Moxium provides robust and profitable cryptocurrencies

Why are you thinking of signing up with Moxium? You want to trade cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is a given that you want the broker to provide you with access to a number of cryptocurrencies for trading purposes. Sure, some traders are only interested in trading one, like Bitcoin, but others may want to experiment with some other notable cryptocurrencies as well. Today, the cryptocurrency market is overflowing with cryptocurrency coins, but this doesn’t mean that all of them are reliable ones. They last only for a while and if you put your money in them, it could all be wiped out.

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Luckily, Moxium has only included those cryptocurrency coins in its asset index that have a lot of potential and have withstood the test of time. You will only come across quality and robust ones, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. These are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market and will enable you to earn a lot of profit in a short run.

Moxium provides you with an easy-to-use trading platform

The trading platform is the software you use for making your cryptocurrency trades. When you wish to buy cryptocurrency or sell it, you will do it through the trading platform. It is the primary program you use and so you want to ensure it is easy-to-use and provides a seamless performance. If there are any delays or issues, you could suffer from losses because you wouldn’t able to capitalize on price movements. Moxium is well aware of the importance of a trading platform and so they have provided their clients with access to a web-based one. Most brokers go with a desktop trading platform, but the problem with it is that it is only restricted to one device and depends on its performance.

Also, you have to keep it up-to-date and install all security patches and other updates and other problems. With Moxium web-based platform, these problems can be eliminated. No software has to be downloaded and installed on any device. The only requirement for running this platform is to have a browser and an internet connection, no matter which device you are using. This provides a great deal of flexibility to you and saves you from installing updates etc. Moxium has also added all the latest and powerful technologies to its trading platform, along with useful trading tools, and everything is just a click away. Your transactions are reflected in real-time and you can easily view your history and past trades.

Moxium doesn’t come with any hidden or exorbitant costs

Cost of trading is one of the most important aspects for traders because they want to take home as much profit as possible. If you have to share a greater portion of your trading profits with your broker, why would you make so much effort? This is particularly true if the broker chooses to charge commission on your trades. The good thing about Moxium is that it has chosen not to go for the commission model. Instead, the broker has opted to make its profits via spreads, which refers to the difference between the buy and sell price of the cryptocurrency.

The broker gives you some of the tightest spreads in the industry, which means they take only a small slice of your profits. Moreover, the broker doesn’t have any hidden fee or other fees charged by most brokers, such as dormant account fee. Moxium also doesn’t charge you any fee for making withdrawals, which is a huge benefit as this allows you to make as many withdrawals as you like.

Moxium provides numerous account options

In order to use the services of the broker, you have to sign up with them and create an account. The same is true for Moxium. But, there is some difference you will find here. Unlike most brokers, Moxium offers its customers a wide range of account types to choose from. Most brokers don’t go higher than 3 to 4 account types, but this one has chosen to offer six. The purpose is to ensure that every trader, no matter what their skill or experience is, can find an account type that suits them. The first account type is called the Basic account and the minimum deposit requirement is 250 USD, EURO or GBP, whichever currency you opt for.

This account offers price alerts, PRO webinars, Daily Market Review, access to the Education center and 24/6 customer support. You will also receive a Welcome Bonus of 30% as an incentive to trade more. The Beginner account is the second account option and this one can be opened with $10,000. The Welcome Bonus is now 40% and the account also comes with a junior account manager for helping traders managing a higher capital. The third account type is called the Medium account and the deposit is increased to $25,000. There is a 60% Welcome Bonus offered at this stage and a senior account manager replaces the junior.

The Advanced account is the fourth option and you have to deposit $50,000 for opening it. A VIP account manager can be found in this account and the Welcome Bonus is also 70%. The fifth account is referred to as the PRO account, which you can open with a hefty deposit of $100,000. It offers you access to all features that Moxium has to offer and the Welcome Bonus is a whopping 80% at this stage because it is for professionals. The VIP account is the last option you will come across, but it is only given to some traders as there are some requirements that have to be met in order to qualify for this account. You can consult your account manager for more information about these requirements in order to open this account.

Moxium gives you the option of allowing others to trade on your behalf

One of the biggest perks that Moxium offers its clientele is the option of letting other experts handle their trading account and make decisions on your behalf. Their team comprises of professional and experienced brokers and traders who are well-versed in how the market works. They will monitor your account 24/7 and make trades that allow you to earn maximum returns and keep losses at a minimum. They will implement winning trading strategies that can give great results and lead to growth, thereby helping you achieve your financial goals.

Moxium has a great education center

In case you are not interested in letting someone else take control of your account, you can take advantage of the education center that Moxium has established on its website. Here, both beginner and experienced traders will find extensive educational material in the form of videos and e-Books that can be used for increasing and polishing your knowledge about cryptocurrencies and your trading skills. You can devise new strategies based on the information you get and also eliminate any mistakes you may be making. It can have a big impact on your overall trades.

Moxium ensures you can get help when required

Sometimes when using a broker’s trading platform, you may get stuck or have a question about their policies. Therefore, Moxium has created an entire FAQ section where traders can find answers to common questions. If you have a problem, you can visit the FAQ section on the website and find the answers you need. In case, you don’t find your answer, you can get in touch with the broker’s customer support department. There is an email provided for this purpose, a live chat option or you can also get in touch via call.

Moxium places a lot of emphasis on security

Another major benefit that Moxium offers its customers is tight security and safety. The broker has used firewalls for keeping outsiders away and has used the highest grade encryption for storing any information provided by clients. In this way, no information can be compromised by any third party. The broker doesn’t share any information without permission and has also implemented a KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. Under this policy, every trader needs to verify their identity by giving proof of ID and address before they can start trading cryptocurrencies. Documents have to be submitted for this purpose. The aim is to ensure no criminals can access the platform in any way.

Final Thoughts

Considering the top notch security, the availability of many cryptocurrencies, powerful trading platform and a horde of trading tools to make trading easy, Moxium has ensured that there is nothing lacking in their services. They are ready to assist customers with any problem they face and offer reliable and excellent pricing to keep trading costs low. A variety of payment methods is also available, which makes Moxium a great broker for trading cryptocurrencies.


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