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Equithy Review – Is Equithy Scam? (equithy.com review)

George Mitchell

ByGeorge Mitchell

May 18, 2023
Equithy Broker Summary
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Equithy is a reliable cryptocurrency broker, featuring an intuitive platform, diverse asset offerings, secure transactions, and dedicated customer support, providing a trustworthy and user-friendly trading experience for crypto investors.

Equithy Review

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Different industries have grown in recent years and are continually expanding to create avenues to make revenues for many people. Most of the methods of making money usually entail people working very hard and putting in a lot of time. Sometimes, people cannot afford the time and therefore take much longer to get to their financial goal.

The available quick routes to making money are mostly illegal and therefore will land you on the wrong side of the law if ventured into. There is however a fast route that stands out amongst the rest and is legal. The financial industry has grown over the years and new assets have emerged amongst them. One of these new markets is the crypto market that came into existence back in 2009 with the launch of Bitcoin.

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The reason why crypto was such a success was the many features it offered its users. Some of these features include privacy and decentralization which gave everyone control over their own funds with no central government. Due to this, many people took a chance in the market and it is now one of the most thriving markets in the financial industry.

After the advent of Bitcoin, thousands of coins also emerged and are now an important instrument for trading in the financial industry. Many people were skeptical at first about joining the crypto market until the high profitability of the market became known. Many people tried their luck and found it to be a very lucrative market despite the unpredictability of the market’s climate.

Another reason why many people loved trading and investing in the market was that it required little time and hard work to start getting returns. The internet came to make it even easier to trade as anyone can now carry out trades from any location they find themselves. All they need is the capital with which to invest in assets so they can start carrying out positive trades.

The problem however becomes deciding which assets to invest in and which would be right for your financial goals. It can be very confusing for a trader who is new in the financial industry and does not have adequate knowledge of the various assets and their potentials in the market. This is where online brokers come into play.

One cannot trade in the financial market without an online broker because they provide the platform for traders to carry out trades and invest in different assets. They also provide different tools that will enhance trades for clients so that they have maximized their returns. The point is, there is no entry into the financial industry without an online broker.

Getting yourself a broker is pretty easy though; the financial industry is teeming with hundreds of them. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, it is easy to see why many brokers offer crypto trading on their platform as it is bound to appeal to many traders. However, not all brokers offering profits can usually deliver.

Most of them are scammers who are in the market to rip people of their funds by providing a brokerage firm and enticing unsuspecting traders to their platform. It is therefore important that a trader find the right brokerage firm to trade with. The bonuses and many offers are not important when choosing an online broker. One needs to look out for some important features and then confirm that the chosen broker can offer them.

This is why reviews like this are important; it saves you the time and hard work of checking out every broker in the industry. We have researched for you and have found a broker that is the right choice for any investor or trader in the industry – Equithy. This broker provides top-notch services to clients who are experienced and those who are new in the market.

This online broker is not one to make promises it cannot deliver on. It tells you what it can offer and then goes ahead to show you. Without further ado, let’s find out what Equithy.com as an online broker is all about.

Detailed Overview of Equithy

Equithy is an online broker who came into the financial industry intending to deliver an exceptional platform for people to trade in irrespective of their level of experience. It takes into consideration the various needs of clients and then gives them a platform filled with several assets to trade with as well as tools to enhance trades.

Equithy emerged out of the need for a union of new markets like that of the crypto market. It came into existence strictly to allow traders to invest in digital currency; other assets came as a plus in later years. The many wonderful reviews by traders who have used this platform is a reason why it has garnered popularity in the following years.

As a middleman, this online broker has successfully brokered trades between traders and hundreds of markets. It has helped traders maximize profits on their different trades while minimizing losses at the same time. This online broker came into the industry and slowly changed the view of digital trading. This online broker is advanced and offers different methods of successfully trading with cryptocurrency. It also gives access to the crypto assets to many traders and investors.

Even though the network is not decentralized like the digital currencies; it still makes use of blockchain technology which is exactly what makes digital coins unique. The different account types available on the platform were also put in place to help traders trade according to their financial needs and goals. Traders can also pick an account based on their experience in the financial industry.

Also, the platform offers a wide array of assets that different clients can trade with. A trader can decide to focus on one particular asset or diverge into several assets. They also adhere to different policies to efficiently deliver a transparent trading platform that traders will find reliable. Traders on this platform will also find their commission and charges to be very low compared to the exorbitant fees of some platforms in the financial industry.

Several other tools are available on the platform for traders to make use of in their trades and we would be considering the features that make this platform such a notable broker to trade with.

Notable Features of Equithy

There are salient qualities that a trader has to watch out for when choosing an online broker. These qualities make the broker more efficient. An online broker with these features can adequately deliver on a profitable trading platform. Luckily, Equithy is packed full with several excellent features which we would be reviewing in our Equithy review today:

Reliable Security Measures

Security is the first thing to check out when picking an online trading platform to carry out transactions from. This is because there is an increasing number of cyber-attacks and many traders have fallen prey to these attacks. When this happens, they lose their funds and information leaked is used against them in so many ways. This is why security should be a top priority for every trader in the financial industry when looking for an online broker.

Luckily, Equithy has you covered on this ground. This is because it has put in place advanced technologies to protect the platform and traders’ data provided on the platform. Traders can rest assured that their funds are safe and their every information is encrypted on the platform. Traders who have used the platform also attest to the top security features of the platform in their reviews.

The platform also adheres to many policies that prevent it from allowing launderers into the platform so that hackers do not find a way into the platform under the guise of another identity. There is a strict authentication process that every client on the platform has to go through before they can become a user. With Equithy, you’re in safe hands.

Reliable Security Measures

Remarkable Support Team

A platform that doesn’t prioritize customer support is probably not a good choice for a trader to broker with. This is because trading is not an easy ride and problems can pop up at any time; including in the middle of a trade. When this happens, you want to be able to contact your broker and get answers to queries or issues so that you can go on with your trading.

However, some platforms cannot be contacted when they are needed the most. This is not the case with Equithy. This online broker has put together a team of experts who remain courteous while professionally providing answers to our questions. Also, this team is trained to be very fast when they are attending to issues posed by traders.

They also make available different ways to reach them. Therefore, a client can choose to reach out to this online broker through their email address provided on the platform. A trader can also call the contact numbers provided to speak directly to their customer agent. In addition to that, you can choose to visit their office and speak to their team in person. Whenever you need them, they’re available.

Variety of Trading Instruments

While this trading platform is focused on cryptocurrency, it understands the importance of diversity. This is why it has made different assets available for traders and investors on its platform. All of its clients are presented with the opportunity of trading with as many assets as they choose. This efficient broker has made Forex available on its platform to trade with.

Traders can also choose to trade with indices, stocks and shares in addition to cryptocurrencies on the platform. There are over 200 crypto coins available on the platform for traders to pick from. Along with this array of assets, traders also have the option of trading CFDs if they choose. Valuable commodities are also available on the platform.

Educational Materials

A beginner in the financial industry is bound to appreciate this feature. There are several training materials to be found on the trading platform. Several articles are put in place to help traders understand the financial market better and also keep up to date on different market trends. Traders are also presented with the varying prices of the market in addition to reasons why the prices fluctuate.

On the platform is a complete study of the different assets and the possibilities they present in the financial industry. This platform also presents a media section that explains how cryptocurrency has grown since its inception into the thriving market it has become. Clients of this online broker also get weekly research into market trends and also an analyst to assist them in coming up with intelligent trading decisions.

Low Charges

Several trading platforms in the financial industry usually charge investors and traders on their platforms exorbitant commissions for services rendered. This is not the case with Equithy as customers of the platform are subject to very low charges for transactions they carry out on the platform. Traders would find it hard to find rates so little on any other platform.

The charges are smaller than 1% and traders are not charged any inactivity fee. There are no charges on profits made like other platforms; the charges are taken based on transactions carried out which are deposits and withdrawal. Traders are told about the commission fees while registering on the platform in the terms and condition, so the fees are not hidden.

Stress-less Method of Depositing and Withdrawing

Carrying out deposits and making withdrawals on this platform is very easy and uncomplicated. Traders on the platform will find this to be a great relief as they do not have to deal with any issues while carrying out transactions on the platform. There are several payment methods made available on the platform for traders to use in making deposits.

Every deposit method on the platform has no charge attached. However, there is a commission fee attached to making wire transfer on the platform. Other methods are also faster than wire transfer and will take days to complete depending on the bank from which the transfer is made. Withdrawals on the platform are also just as easy and take place through the same methods.

Clients of this online broker can withdraw as much funds as they want. There are no commission fees attached to carrying out withdrawals on the platform. Once the withdrawal request is confirmed, it is processed very quickly. The whole process takes a total of 5-7 business days.

Account Options Offered by Equithy

Different Account Options Offered by Equithy

This trading platform makes available different account types that cater to different financial classes and goals. They are also designed for different experience levels so that traders can choose whichever they feel most comfortable with. Equithy know that traders have different financial needs and goals, and that is why there are several accounts to pick from.

  • The $250 Account

As the name implies, the account is for exploring the platform. It is ideal for clients who are new in the financial industry and would like to start small. This account can be unlocked at a small deposit of $250. Traders can use this account to understand how the market works. There are also many training materials available on the platform for traders to benefit from. The customer care is also fully available to holders of this account.

  • The $2500 Account

This is an account that is designed to be an advancement from the first account. Traders on the first account can decide to move to the basic account when they feel ready for it. There are more features open to this account than the explorer account. Traders can unlock this account with a minimum amount of $2500 and have access to market trend reviews which are provided every week. There is also a manager attached to the account to assist traders to make smart decisions.

  • The $10000 Account

Holders of the previous account can switch to this account after they have gained a level of experience in the market. Traders who have also been in the industry for some time can access this account and it is available at a deposit of $10000. Market experts are tied to this account and traders get to enjoy a personal session with a market expert once every month.

  • The $25000 Account

When you’ve gained a level of experience in the financial industry, you are ready to take a higher level of risk. This is the account for you if you fall into that category. The risks are higher but so are the profits attached. A trader on lesser accounts can switch to this account after gaining a level of experience. All training materials are made available on this platform. There is also the availability of weekly sessions with market experts and daily price updates.

  • The $100000 Account

This is the best account available on Equithy and is designed for market veterans who are not afraid to take any risk. The deposit to unlock this account is set at $100,000 and goes all the way to $500,000. A top account manager is attached to this account as well as several trades that are protected. In addition, traders with this account can have as many sessions with market experts as they want.

Final Thoughts

When this online broker came into the industry, a lot of people were skeptical at the beginning. However, this platform has proven itself as one of the best platforms to look out for in the financial industry. This platform also continues to achieve its aim in the financial industry by furthering the crypto market.

The variety of assets is another reason why traders should pick this online broker. The opportunities to make profits on this platform are vast, so dig in while you can.

George Mitchell

George Mitchell

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