• Fri. May 24th, 2024

With the continued growth of Metaverse platforms, the need for Metaverse-only jobs will also increase. Employees are now forced to fill specific roles, but it is unclear if some of these jobs are yet to exist and be employable. Let us look at some of the jobs:

Metaverse Doctors

Not even in our craziest dreams did we think we could access healthcare in the Metaverse, but now it might become a reality. Since accessing medication and treatment physically in the Metaverse won’t be possible, with current technology, monitoring body functions at home is easy and possible.

Hence, one can hook up the data directly to their avatar, and the Metaverse doctor can make suggestions, assess your health, and even make physical appointments or further support. This job may have serious applications soon as it is just a concept.

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Metaverse Architects

The Metaverse does not only consist of virtual avatars; clubs, shops, offices, and other buildings must be present to make the experience more real. Where there are building architects, they are expected to be present. But building in the physical and Metaverse world is very different.

Gravity, material degradation, and weather are not considered in the Metaverse. Instead, designing the interior and exterior and creating 3D models that avatars can interact with will be their priority for Metaverse architects.

Metaverse Tour Guides

With the continued growth of Metaverse platforms, there are some interesting places to visit, and you may need the assistance of a guide to locate these areas. A Metaverse guide will take on the role of guiding users around the platform.

It will, in turn, make all experiences in the Metaverse memorable and enjoyable. The Metaverse tour guides will also show new users how to navigate the virtual world and make the experience easier.

Metaverse Influencers

Influencers are a big part of social media platforms, but the Metaverse wants to give influencers the ability to present themselves as avatars. This application will give the influencer a safe environment to interact with their fans and followers, reducing the risk of concerts, physical harm, meet-ups, and other public events for the influencer.

Metaverse Real Estate Agents

We have all heard the hype about virtual reality land and its prices. Platforms such as Decentraland offer their users the ability to build and buy virtual property. Buying and selling virtual land would be the responsibility of the Metaverse real estate agent.

It will involve finding buyers, getting sellers the best price, and valuing land. The agent will likely pay a cut of the seller’s profit or charge a fee for the services offered.

Metaverse Cybersecurity

Adequate security measures and personnel must be implemented to protect the Metaverse from scams and attacks. This job will likely be a physical job to ensure the safety of the platform and avatars. For example, a social media outlet based on the platform will need login parameters, recovery measures in case of credential loss, and codes of conduct.

In addition, the cybersecurity staff may also have to deal with dangerous avatars that harass, scam, and abuse other users.

Metaverse Safety Managers

Since the Metaverse platform does not cause immediate physical injuries, safety must be considered. The safety manager will be responsible for ensuring the user’s physical safety, for example, checking the hardware, such as headsets and VR, to meet safety standards.

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