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Libra Association Joins Hands With Blockchain Capital



Sep 24, 2020
Libra Association Joins Hands With Blockchain Capital

In the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, there is one name (Blockchain Capital), which is an investment firm with a huge amount of experience and expertise in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Blockchain Capital was founded in 2013 and its HQ is in San Francisco. Starting off as a small entity back in 2013, Blockchain Capital soon became known in the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain sector as a firm that focused on the grooming of their investors and empowering them in making their own decisions. This unique trait earned Blockchain Capital the title of being one of the leading venture capital firms in the blockchain industry.

Till now, the company is best known for making investments in more than 80 industries and a few of the most prominent names from the list are Coinbase, Ripple, Kraken, Bison Trails, and Anchorage.

Recently, it was announced by the Libra association that they have acquired the services of Blockchain Capital because of their success rate and achievements since their launch in 2013. Libra Association added that Blockchain Capital alongside 26 more governing bodies of the Libra Association will be contributing towards creating a payment system that would be more equitable for the Libra cryptocurrency and its users.

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Libra Association made another very interesting announcement that they aim to induct a total of 100 governing bodies for the Libra Association to work on the project, which would help them develop and release a global stablecoin. The recent member inducted by Libra Association was Capital Blockchain that they made official in June 2019.

As per Libra Association, they are counting on the combined efforts of all the members of the association to make full use of their knowledge and expertise in to develop the global payment system, and have assigned Blockchain Capital to foresee the development of the project and share their expertise to expedite the process.

Blockchain Capital seems to have taken the responsibility upon them quite well as they have dedicated their large number of experts and analysts to provide full cooperation to the Libra Association in achieving their goal as smoothly as possible.


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