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Inflation In United States Hits 6%, While Bitcoin Price Hits $26,000



Mar 18, 2023

In February 2023, the CPI in the United States will have increased by 0.4%; nonetheless, Bitcoin will have reached $26,000 by that time.

The most current figures for the CPI for February 2023 were released by the US Department of Labor. Which resulted in the publishing of the most recent statistics for the month.

Because of this, the value of one Bitcoin BTC shot up by more than $26,000 in a single day. The CPI saw a month-to-month increase of 0.4% when seasonal variables were taken into account.

While the All-Items Index, which monitors inflation, experienced an annual increase of 6%, as reported by the Department of Labor.

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The Yearly Growth Rate of Inflation

The annual inflation rate growth rate was the lowest since September 2021, according to the Labor Department. The price rise experienced its lowest annual increase since the duration that ended in September 2021.

Both measures of inflation saw their lowest levels of growth since the duration that ended in September 2021. CNBC brought attention to the fact that traditional markets exhibited choppy behavior in response to the publication.

On the other hand, the news was met with an optimistic response from cryptocurrency markets. In contrast to this, the response that conventional markets had once the book was published was as follows.

According to the data that was presented, it would appear that both Bitcoin and Ether ETH saw a boost in value. The CPI is a metric used to track the average rate of inflation for a cross-section of final consumer expenditures.

Determination of Economic Health and Monetary Policy

This index is updated by the BLS each year to reflect the cost of living from the preceding year. The CPI depicts the many channels through which consumers spend their money on a variety of products and services.

They include things like modes of transportation, places to live, access to healthcare, recreational opportunities, and apparel.

All monetary benefits, including social security payments, wages, and perks, are subject to inflation adjustment.

In addition to this, it is utilized in the process of determining monetary policy and evaluating the performance of the economy.

The lodging indices accounted for 70% of the CPI increase in February 2023, according to a US Department of Labor release.

This information was incorporated into the CPI report that was prepared for that specific month and released.

The indexes for food, entertainment, household products, and operations were some of the others that contributed to the total.

The index that gauges the increase in the cost of food that is produced at home saw a 0.3% point increase.

The food index did go up, even if the month-over-month growth was only 0.4%, even though there was still a gain.

Not only did the index for energy see a decrease of 0.6% in February. But it also during that same month, however, the indices for fuel gas and natural gas both showed a downward trend.

On March 14, participants from the Bitcoin community as a whole offered a diversity of viewpoints.

Anthony Pompliano, Morgan Creek Digital partner and co-founder, tweeted about the CPI statistics and how Bitcoin’s price rose in reaction. Morgan Creek Digital is widely regarded as having been established by Pompliano.

He tweeted, the continuing financial crisis, high inflation, and the Fed’s unpredictability have all contributed to the continued ascent of Bitcoin.

As Signature Bank and SVB were dissolved by U.S. regulators, Custodia Bank founder and CEO Caitlin Long underlined bitcoin’s price performance.

Long is another individual that supports the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. It has been reported for a long time that the following is how the price of Bitcoin has performed:

A second bailout for banks is imminent, according to bank regulators, and the Chancellor is on the verge of approving it. The cryptocurrency market is not yet ready for a bear.


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