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According to the CEO of First Citizens, the acquisition by Silicon Valley Bank confirms its dedication to upholding the credibility of the banking system in the country. The announcement made by the FDIC on Monday stated that First Citizens Bank would be stepping in to acquire the loans and deposits of Silicon Valley Bank, which had recently gone bankrupt.

The transfer of assets from Silicon Valley Bank to First Citizens Bank should mitigate the impact of the bankruptcy and minimize disruption to the bank’s customers. As part of the agreement, First Citizens Bank will buy seventy-two billion dollars worth of assets from Silicon Valley Bank at a discounted price of 16.5 billion.

The FDIC will retain an additional ninety billion dollars in assets and securities to be sold through a process called “disposition” on the open market.

Frank B. Holding, the Chairman and CEO of First Citizens, stated in a recent statement that they are excited to establish connections with their new customers and strive for further growth. He also emphasized their dedication to maintaining the credibility of the US banking system.

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Before the acquisition, First Citizens had approximately one hundred billion dollars in cumulative assets. They had operated for one hundred and twenty-five years, primarily focusing on South and North Carolina.

The CEO and chairman of First Citizens emphasized that the acquisition would allow the bank to maintain its services to startup-based and VC customers. He stated they are dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the robust connections the previous SVB’s Universal Fund Banking enterprises had with venture capital and private equity firms.

On Monday, all seventeen previous SVB branches in Massachusetts and California were set to relaunch under the company brand. Customers were advised to continue using their current branch until they obtain a notification that they can utilize the brand owner’s sites.

The arrangement is designed as a complete acquisition of the bank, along with loss share protection, indicating that the FDIC will partake in both the losses and possible returns on loans secured under the contract.

Crisis Avoided

With the recent announcement, the initial phase of a crisis that has engulfed several cryptocurrency firms has finally ended. The development signifies a significant milestone for the crypto industry as it grapples with regulatory hurdles and market volatility.

As the sector continues to evolve, how it will weather future storms and navigate the challenges remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the closure of this chapter provides a glimmer of hope and a renewed sense of optimism for the future of digital assets.

SVB’s exposure affected several companies in the crypto industry, such as Circle, Ripple, and the now-bankrupt BlockFi. With the recent deal, these firms and others may be looking to put a period of ambiguity behind them, a period that was further highlighted by the shutdown of the crypto-friendly Silvergate bank and the collapse of Signature Bank.

The hope is that this agreement will provide much-needed stability for the cryptocurrency market and lay the groundwork for a more secure and prosperous future. In Europe, the sudden acquisition of Credit Suisse by its competitor UBS triggered concerns about the possibility of a banking crisis.

Despite the turmoil in the banking sector, which caused alarm in the stock markets, Bitcoin experienced a contrasting effect, with its price continuing to climb to levels not seen since June of the previous year.

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Megan Ford

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