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El Salvadoran President Invites Foreign Interest In Country Through Bitcoin



Mar 29, 2023

El Salvadoran President, Nayib Bukele, whose love for Bitcoin needs no introduction, is now a day running a Bitcoin promotion campaign.

The promotion campaign’s slogan is ‘New Land of the Free’ and the objective behind is to invite foreign interest using Bitcoin. Bukele has been working tirelessly to promote the adoption of Bitcoin in the country.

Now, he wants to expand the circle of his efforts and bring in more investments to his country. However, he wants foreign investment to land in the country.

Therefore, he is promoting the adoption level of Bitcoin in his country in front of the entire world. He has welcomed companies and investment firms from around the world to enter their country and invest in cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin’s Promotional Campaign Backed by El Salvadoran President

As part of his Bitcoin campaign, President Bukele posted a ‘vintage type of poster’ depicting clearly as being designed in American style.

Even the slogan can easily be determined to be replicated from or influenced by classic American slogans.

‘The Land Of The Free’ i.e. an American slogan looks identically the same as the slogan of President Bukele’s Bitcoin campaign.

More importantly, Bukele’s poster claims that El Salvador is a country for free and like-minded people and that such people are invited.

Message Behind Bukele’s Poster

Initially, when Bukele shared the poster on Twitter, people were anxious to know about the true message behind the poster.

Later, after several hours, President Bukele joined Twitter again and started to explain the concept and message behind the poster.

He claimed that the poster exhibits what El Salvador has achieved so far exclusively since the country granted legal tender to Bitcoin.

According to President Bukele, El Salvador has progressed a great deal in monetary and security aspects.

He explained that the poster is an open invitation to anyone from anywhere, irrespective of their casts, creeds, nationalities, faiths, or religions.

President Bukele assured that El Salvador would welcome everyone wholeheartedly who wants to be part of the new land of the free.

He claimed that El Salvador is a country where there is no violence, no theft, or people with erratic behavior.

The reason he explained no violence, theft, etc. is the efficient security standards adopted by El Salvador after Bitcoin’s adoption.

The poster Also Reminds Tendering of Bitcoin In El Salvador

Apart from inviting like-minded foreigners into El Salvador, the poster reminds the time when El Salvador officially signed Bitcoin as a legal tender.

The poster also takes credit for reminding the readers that El Salvador was the first sovereign state to adopt Bitcoin as the national currency.

Citizenships Will Be Offered To Those Who Can Pay A Bitcoin

Although the poster does not talk about offering citizenships against a single Bitcoin President Bukele did raise this point.

Bukele stated that anybody who wishes to be El Salvadoran citizen can do so by paying 1 Bitcoin only.

Poster Received Criticism From Some Quarters

While the poster was principally appreciated by a huge majority, however, there were some quarters who disliked it for some reason.

Some, especially Americans, suggested that the poster was mocking the USA as the theme has been taken up from US’s national slogan.

Another set of people comprised those who claimed that the poster is a bag of lies. They said that El Salvadoran President is globally known as one of the biggest human rights violators.

They even claimed that the poster lied about El Salvador is a safe and heavily guarded country where crimes don’t happen.

Some people also criticized Bukele for getting directly involved in the Bitcoin promotional campaign.

They claimed that a country’s premier is supposed not to get himself involved in such matters, particularly those involving Bitcoins.

However, President Bukele reiterated that El Salvador is now globally recognized as the ‘Bitcoin beach’.


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