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Algorand Rally, Establishes AlgoKit to Facilitate Developers in Transitioning to Web3

Patrick Carter

ByPatrick Carter

Mar 29, 2023

Algorand Foundation is pursuing advanced opportunities to onboard Web2 developers as they transition towards Web3-based solutions. The blockchain protocol announced establishing AlgoKit as a suite whose design creates a facilitative on-ramp to onboard the web2 developers as they transition towards Web3 solutions.

Algorand Introduces Facilitative AlgoKit Suite

Also, AlgoKit is a compatible tool suite that will accommodate developers shifting from rival blockchains who seek to test the Algorand protocol. Algorand Foundation seeks to replicate its accomplishment in the layer 1 blockchain ecosystem.

The AlgoKit involves a developer-oriented tool suite to help create Web3 applications on the Algorand protocol. The press release indicated the suite would attract startup developers seeking diverse experiences from their usual blockchains.

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Integrating Web2 UX Features ad LocalNet

AlgoKit is set to integrate Web2 UX features considered desirable and compatible with the Algorand ecosystem. The inclusion of the features eases the process of onboarding Web2 developers.

The Algorand Foundation chief technology executive John Woods lauded the AlgoKit as leveraging Web2 UX features to help establish blockchain quickly. He added that the suite would nurture the capabilities of users in running, exploring, and interacting with the isolated Algorand-based network identified as LocalNet.

The exploration platform included in the AlgoKit suite is set to ease deployment to the mainnet. Woods illustrated that the UX features would benefit users in launching Dapps and building.

Algorand tech executive indicated the AlgoKit features a compatible design with clean language and accessible setup interfaces. Wood portrayed the toolkit as integrating user-friendly patterns for its design,  reinforced security practices, and integrated testing and deployment pipelines.

AlgoKit is set to prioritize reinforcing experience in smart-contract development. As such, it targets to optimize potential that would translate to full-stack development. Unlike other projects, Algorand developers designed the AlgoKit to integrate user-friendly templates that startup web3 and transitioning web2 developers would leverage in learning mechanisms to build on the blockchain.

Algorands Native Token Rallies as Community Becomes Bullish

Scrutiny of Algorand’s performance from DeFiLlama reveals a 12.73% increase in total value locked in the past 24 hours to realize $159.12 million.

Meanwhile, the news of the Algorand Foundation entering India in a project to facilitate the transitioning of Web2 to Web3 triggered its native token (Algo) to rally above 14%. The news coincided with the confirmation of launching AlgoKit, leading to inevitable bullish steam that saw Algo surge above 13% in the past 24 hours. At press time 21:32 UTC, Algo is exchanging hands at $0.231634, being a 14.3% increase in a day as per CoinGecko data.

Algo’s uptrend replicates in its daily transaction volume, which surged by 393% to realize $252.06 million, as illustrated by CoinMarketCap data. The community is projecting that entry into India would expand opportunities for the blockchain protocol.

Algo’s performance is reflective of the news that is propelling its bullish stream. In particular, Algo has sustained the gains to test a high of $0.237872 despite hitting a low of  $0.201548 earlier in the day.

Algo Outperforms Layer 1 Cryptos

Tracking Algo’s performance in the past week shows that the price represents a 2.6% increase in the 7-day run. Considering that the circulating supply estimates 7.1 billion tokens, Algorand ranks 39 globally, with its total market capitalization growing by 14.55% to $1.652 billion.

The Algorand community portrays a bullish stance since 79% of the users are involved in Algorand transactions today. The 390% increase in the daily transactions volume shows rising market activity amongst its users. Users can trade ALGO tokens on centralized crypto exchanges, the preferred being MEXC Global, ahead of Coinbase and Deepcoin.

A comparative assessment of ALGO’s current price shows it is exchanging hands 93% below the all-time high price of $3.56 realized in June 2019. Contrastingly, it is trading at 120% higher than its lowest price of $0.105336, observed three years ago in Mar 2020.

While CoinGecko data shows Algorand sustained a 2.6% increase in the seven-day run, it is still underperforming since the global crypto market is up by 3.4%. Nonetheless, ALGO buoyed performance triumphs rival Layer 1 cryptos marginally up by 0.5%.

Patrick Carter

Patrick Carter

Patrick Carter is a seasoned news writer known for his meticulous research and engaging storytelling. With a dedication to providing accurate and informative news coverage, his articles offer readers a comprehensive understanding of current events with a fresh and thought-provoking perspective.

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