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Cryptoniqa is a trusted and recommended Exchange for purchasing cryptocurrencies online

Cryptoniqa.com – Cryptoniqa Review

Cryptocurrencies have just become the new investment vehicle that people are crazy about. The pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is in high demand and traders left and right are looking to invest in it. Why? This is primarily because Bitcoins are limited in number and since their peak last year, they have really stepped into the limelight. While there are a number of cryptocurrency exchanges that give you the option of purchasing and selling different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, not all of them can be relied upon. Some have limited payment methods, others don’t work everywhere and there are security threats that have caused traders to lose their Bitcoins to cyber criminals.

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If you are looking for a solution that can be trusted and also enables you to enjoy the best possible features, you don’t need to go any farther than Cryptoniqa. As the name indicates, this crypto trading platform is anything and everything Bitcoin. It has been primarily developed to assist traders in buying and selling the first and renowned cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency exchange is owned and operated by a company based in Berlin, Germany called ROCK EUROPE and specializes in helping traders buy or sell Bitcoin at the best possible rates in the market.

This is one major reason why Cryptoniqa has gained a lot of popularity in a rather short span of time. Its rates are market competitive and if that’s not enough, it has other features that make it a unique and innovative option for cryptocurrency trading. First and foremost, Cryptoniqa has kept things basic and straightforward to ensure both new and experienced traders can use its platforms without experiencing any hassle. If you visit its website, it will show you that the process essentially comprises of 3 simple steps; you create an account, link it to your bank account and then get started with buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Sure, this is the gist of what you have to do, but the steps do have some details you should be familiar with. When registering yourself on the website, apart from entering your email address and password, you are also required to show proof of identity and also provide proof of address.

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Funds and Information

This is to verify the authenticity of the account. Once approval is given, your account is finalized. Bear in mind that one trader can have only a single account on Cryptoniqa. Any attempt to make another account can get both accounts suspended.  After you have provided as many personal details as possible (remember, the more you give, the easier to verify), your account will be registered and you can start your trading process. It is a given that like any other wise and smart trader, you will give some thought to how your information is being utilized. The good news is that Cryptoniqa has a strong encryption system implemented, which means that all data is kept encrypted and cannot be compromised by third parties. Apart from that, the cryptocurrency exchange also has a detailed privacy policy under which it doesn’t use any information you have shared for illegal purposes.

However, it does encourage its users to constantly update their information to ensure it is not outdated or cause any other problems for them. Any information in their possession is used to provide better and improved services to the traders. In terms of security, there is another prominent feature of Cryptoniqa that should be noted by traders; it also operates an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KMC) policy for the safeguard of its clients as well as their funds. Thus, there is very little chance that any money can be misappropriated from the accounts without permission.

Not Only Bitcoin

Moving on, while Cryptoniqa was initially established to help traders in buying and selling Bitcoins, the exchange platform is broadening its horizons. Therefore, it now gives you the opportunity of buying and selling Ethereum as well and other cryptocurrencies could also be added to its list. Nonetheless, traders should bear in mind that they will only be able to use Cryptoniqa’s services if it is permitted by their country’s laws and regulations. Since cryptocurrencies are unregulated, a number of countries have not given their residents the permission to trade in them.

Payment processing

Traders should be aware that once they have made a transaction, it cannot be cancelled unless any payment has not been processed. Once payment processing begins, order cancellation cannot be done. If the platform itself chooses to cancel it, the money is refunded, but a transfer fee of $50 is charged. Plus, it takes anywhere between 2 and 5 days before the cryptocurrencies are transferred because the exchange rate is subject to fluctuation and can only be determined after an order has been placed. Regardless, traders should rest assured that Cryptoniqa can offer them some of the best rates in the entire market.


As far as charges are concerned, there is a 4.7% exchange fee charged by the platform, which also includes VAT. This makes Cryptoniqa one of the most competitive and reasonable options in the market for trading Bitcoins. The website also has a comprehensive FAQs section where traders can find answers to any questions they might have about how the cryptocurrency exchange works and why some rules have been imposed. In addition, Cryptoniqa has also recognized the need to offer traders an effective customer support service to its users.

There are several ways the platform can be contacted if need be such as email or via an online form that has been provided on the website. Likewise, there is also a phone number available. The website is available in English and all communications are also made in this language to make things easier for traders all over the globe. In the case of payment methods, credit cards are not yet acceptable at Cryptoniqa, but support for MasterCard, Visa and other debit cards is provided. Wire transfer is also under development, but yet to be introduced.

In a nutshell, Cryptoniqa is the place where you can get started if you are interested in investing into Bitcoin or even Ethereum.


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