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Crypto-Blockchain Experts Say That China’s Capital Already Has 100 Uses for Blockchain Technology



Oct 27, 2020
Crypto-Blockchain Experts Say That China’s Capital Already Has 100 Uses for Blockchain Technology

At present, there is a lot of competition going on between nations to make the most use out of the crypto-blockchain technology. Every day, a country announces that they are integrating crypto-blockchain technology into a new sector.

Some of the major economic countries such as Germany, Russian, & India are trying their best to be at the top. They want to be the country first to fully attain to the crypto-blockchain technology. However, China is by far the most advanced and superior country when it comes to crypto-blockchain adoption.

Just recently, one of the leading academics from the crypto-blockchain industry made a shocking revelation. As per him, the capital of China, Beijing, has already find 100 uses for blockchain technology. The capital is ready to implement these uses in their government sectors.

He also added that this adoption is not just limited to Government or State-run sectors but also the private sectors. He stated that almost every sector in China is making huge progress in using blockchain technology in real-world sectors.

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The identity of the leading academic from crypto-blockchain was later revealed by Beijing News. The newsgroup confirmed that it was none other than Cai Liang. Liang is currently working at the Zhejiang University as the executive deputy director of the Blockchain Research Center.

In China, one of the most prominent entities to adopt blockchain technology was the Central People’s Bank of China. The Central Bank recently issued digital-yuan tokens, leaving all other countries behind in the digital-economic competition.

This time around, it is the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, which is eager to work on blockchain technology. The Cyberspace Administration will be finding new uses for the blockchain technology, helping them in making their projects more effective.

Cai added that it is not just Beijing, which has found 100-uses for blockchain technology. There are other sectors that have already adopted this technology. Cai mentioned the State Grid Electric Vehicle Service, which is a subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China. He stated that Grid Electric Vehicle Service is already using a traceability platform that is powered by blockchain technology.


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