• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

The community has alerted others to be careful and watchful as there have been reports of fraudulent websites and scams that promise to provide Arbitrum Airdrop tokens. Additionally, scammers have recently been targeting the upcoming “ARB” token Airdrop for ETH layer-2 scaling solution Arbitrum, leading to numerous phishing scams to deceive cryptocurrency users.

As a result, the community has warned about these scams, with reports indicating that hundreds of them are in circulation. For example, on March 19th, Redefine, a blockchain security firm, reported that it had discovered a website pretending to be an Arbitrum airdrop platform.

According to screenshots provided, the website requested users to grant access to their assets, which could allow scammers to steal cryptocurrency from their wallets. Scam Sniffer, a Web3 anti-scam tool, informed its Twitter followers last week that it had identified over two hundred and seventy-three phishing sites linked to Arbitrum since the announcement of the token airdrop.

The number of phishing sites is expected to increase before the official drop scheduled for March 23rd. On March 19th, a Reddit user named CryptoMaximalist created a post alerting others that individuals looking to take advantage of the intricate nature of cryptocurrencies and eager users seeking free funds are attempting to deceive people.

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CryptoMaximalist has reported that it discovered several fake “Arbitrum” Twitter accounts associated with fraudulent Arbitrum websites. As a result, they advised people to exercise caution by examining a user’s accounts and history before clicking on any shared links.

Additionally, they suggested that people should check if a user is spamming links across various subreddits, which may indicate that the links are suspicious or fraudulent. CertiK, a blockchain security enterprise, has also reported a fake Arbitrum Twitter profile under the username “@arbitrum_launch.”

This account has been promoting a token Airdrop, but CertiK has advised users to refrain from engaging with it due to the high likelihood of it being a scam. Reports issued by the Arbitrum Foundation, a system was utilized to identify who can claim the asset airdrop and how many assets they can demand.

However, Nansen, a blockchain expert enterprise that assisted in developing the standards with Arbitrum, announced that over 2.3 million accounts were hacked on the Arbitrum one chain at the start of last month; however, many were eligible for the service.

Community Warning

It is important always to exercise caution and be vigilant regarding online scams and phishing attempts. For example, suppose you have received emails or messages or seen websites offering Arbitrum Airdrop tokens. In that case, it is recommended that you do not engage with them, provide personal information, or send any funds.

Arbitrum is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, and the team behind it has not announced any official airdrop or distribution of tokens. Therefore, any offers to claim to provide Arbitrum Airdrop tokens should be viewed skeptically.

It is always recommended that you double-check the website URL and verify the source of any information or offers you receive. Additionally, it is important to keep your personal information and private keys secure and not share them with anyone online.

Suppose you have fallen victim to a scam or phishing attempt. In that case, it is recommended that you report the incident to the appropriate authorities and take immediate steps to protect your accounts and assets.

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Megan Ford

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