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A Bitcoin Investor lost $1 Million worth of Bitcoin Savings to Bous iOS Application



Mar 31, 2021

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow and Bitcoin (BTC) continues to hit all-time highs, people have started investing in it with their eyes shut. Looking at the potential of Bitcoin (BTC), many scammers and fraudsters have become smart and sophisticated in executing fraudulent activities.

The scammers have started coming up with different and innovative ways to lure people and run away with their precious cryptocurrencies. This report is also about a Bitcoin (BTC) investor who ended up losing a huge amount of money to a fake and bogus application.

According to the investor, he ended up losing around 17 BTC that sums up to a total of $1 million at the time of writing. The investor has claimed that the scammers made away with 17 BTC that he had in his possession. However, the investor has made a claim that has taken the matter to the next level by accusing one of the major tech giants of letting that happen.

The reports suggested that the investor has stated that he lost his money to an application that is currently based in the Apple stores. As per the investor, it is Apple’s platform that the fraudsters used in order to lure him away and exploit money from him.

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The investor has stated that he ended up losing all of his savings because he had converted all of it to this very Bitcoin (BTC).

The media sources have revealed that the name of the investor who ended up losing his money to scammers is Phillipe Christodoulou. The application that Christodoulou used in order to save his Bitcoin (BTCs) is Trezor.

Christodoulou has stated that he decided to check his savings for bitcoin (BTC) to make sure everything was in order. Therefore, he ended up browsing through the Apple store in search of an application that could facilitate him in what he wanted to perform.

According to Christodoulou, he was looking for the Trezor application, which would allow him to do save his BTC and see exactly how many he has on him. This is when he found the Trezor application on the Apple store that showed that the application nearly had five stars. On top of that, the particular application had exactly the same logo as the Trezor application.

As everything looked normal and fine, he went on to download/install the application on his phone and entered the required credentials to proceed with it.

Christodoulou stated that the moment he entered his credentials, his Bitcoin (BTC) vanished. That is when he realized what the developers of the particular application were up to.

However, Christodoulou blames Apple for his loss stating that the Apple store is the platform where that application almost has a 5-star rating and the store seems to be promoting the application.

He also quoted the application that Apple makes that all applications on the Apple store are reviewed before being listed in the store.


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