• Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Tether Gold (XAU₮) and Euro Tether (EUR₮) have been listed on XT.COM, a prominent international digital asset trading platform. This change will give customers more stablecoin transaction alternatives and gold-backed digital asset choices.

XT.COM, which has a user base of over 6 million and a thriving ecosystem, says it will keep developing its product offerings to keep up with the expectations of the cryptocurrency community. With over 500,000 active users per month and a sizable network of over 40 million users, XT.COM has made a name for itself in the cryptocurrency sector.

The platform’s user base keeps expanding as more people become aware of the benefits of trading digital assets. While describing the features of the Euro-backed stablecoin, XT.COM exchange Co-Founder Weber Woo said that Euro Tether (EUR₮) is linked 1:1 to the euro, giving users stability and a trustworthy digital representation of the euro.

In Woo’s words, “With the introduction of this stablecoins, users may conduct transactions in euros faster and easier inside the cryptocurrency community. He added that users can easily trade, store, and transact with this stablecoin once EUR is listed on XT.COM.” One troy ounce of actual gold stored in a vault is represented by one Tether Gold.

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The security of gold is combined with the practicality and accessibility of blockchain technology. By including XAU, the XT.COM exchange gives users the ability to access and trade digital assets backed by gold.

Stakeholders, Traders Commend XT.COM Move, Explains Implication

Analysis by Cision PR Newswire explained that including Euro Tether and Tether Gold on XT.COM demonstrates the platform’s dedication to providing consumers with a broad selection of digital assets. Investigations into the exchange operations show that over 800 tokens and more than 1,000 trading pairs are already supported by XT.COM.

Opinion from Mark Brennan: a cryptocurrency analyst with The Crypto Basic, said that with the inclusion of Euro Tether and Tether Gold, XT.COM seeks to offer its users a complete trading experience. Brennan described the exchange operations as reliable, applying cutting-edge trading capabilities and secure custody options.

Trading on XAU₮ and EUR₮ on XT.COM was enabled on the 6th of July at 10:00 (UTC), while the withdrawal function will be allowed on the 7th at 10:00 (UTC). More comment from Brennan shows that XT.COM complies with stringent compliance standards and legal regulations, providing its consumers with a secure and open trading environment.

 Meanwhile, StealthEX: another top cryptocurrency exchange, introduced Tether Gold (XAU₮) and Euro Tether (EUR₮) on their list on the 5th of May, making them the first major exchange to list the stablecoin before XT.COM.

The platform’s dedication to providing a wide variety of digital assets and supporting the changing needs of its international user base is demonstrated by the listing of Euro Tether and Tether Gold on XT.COM.

As of press time, Euro Tether is topping with a 1.17% increase in price and market capitalization in the last 24 hours. It traded a total volume of $510,593, with a market capitalization of $43,626,858. With a total supply of $43,626,858, Euro Tether currently has a circulating supply of 40,001,429 EURT.

Tether’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino, while expressing his optimism on the latest development, says that he is excited that cryptocurrency pioneers like XT.COM have found the need to introduce the coin on its platform. He said this would facilitate users’ responses and help them leverage the opportunity to use digital assets fully pegged with real gold.

Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo

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