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What is the OmiseGO Token And Can It Actually Represent The Future?



Dec 10, 2017

OmiseGO is a new company that was created in Thailand and which offers a payment system similar to Stripe for various countries found in South East Asia as well as Japan. But what makes it great is the fact that this is an Ethereum based financial technology.

OmiseGo Becomes the First Ethereum Unicorn With a Market Cap of  alt=
<span> <span style=font size 14pt>OmiseGo Becomes the First Ethereum Unicorn With a Market Cap of $1 Billion <a href=httpwwwtrustnodescom20170830omisego becomes first ethereum unicorn market cap 1 billion target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer><span style=color ff0000>trustnodescom<span><a><span>

What you want to know about it is that this is suitable for the digital wallets and you can get peer to peer value exchange, real time exchanges and all of this is done via fiat money and some decentralized currencies too.

The system enables a decentralized exchange at a low cost and high volume. It wants to be the next gen value transfer service that you can find on the market. Ideally, this will run across asset types and currencies, as well as across various national borders and so on.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence out of the lab: Introducing Omise FacePay
Bringing Artificial Intelligence out of the lab: Introducing Omise FacePay https://www.omise.co/bringing-artificial-intelligence-out-of-the-lab-introducing-omise-facepay

The OmiseGO Token will basically allow you to perform a wide range of payments. You can use it to pay online, you can do a payroll deposit, it even works for the trading systems, loyalty programs and so on. Yes, it’s unreleased for the time being, but it does manage to bring in front the ultimate system and method suitable to take our society forward.

In the near future, OmiseGO said it will distribute OMG tokens to holders of Ethereum addresses containing over .1 Ether. https://www.ethnews.com/omisego-prepares-to-widely-distribute-a-percentage-of-omg-throughout-ecosystem-supporting-it

Whether we will move towards this type of cash-less system, that remains to be seen. But there is a huge value and quality to be had here, and that can definitely work to your own advantage. It’s a nice approach to have for sure and one that can and will most likely pay off immensely in the long term.

OmiseGO proud to support original Ethereum builders @VitalikButerin @gavofyork going fwd into future. We stand together! News coming soon :)
OmiseGO proud to support original Ethereum builders @VitalikButerin @gavofyork going fwd into future. We stand together! News coming soon 🙂 https://twitter.com/omise_go/status/897089480128999424

Using the OmiseGO Token seems to be very simple, and the fact that you get to do payments and also receive rewards can indeed pay off. There will even be a messaging platform designed to blur the boundaries between this sort of systems. It really works to your own advantage and it can bring in front some demanding solutions. The system was created a few years ago and the OmiseGO Token system will come very soon. Since its creation, this has managed to help thousands of merchants and the company was even featured in Forbes. Yes, there’s a lot of buzz around what they can do and for a very good reason. This is an extraordinary company that did manage to showcase a lot of incredible features and it continues to grow exponentially.

OMG: The Billion Dollar Moon Shot http://dailycryptocurrency.com/omg-billion-dollar-moon-shot/

Whether this will manage to become the future of payments or not, that remains to be seen. But there are always challenges to have when you want to embrace new technologies like this. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but it will offer a ton of great value and resources. Embracing this will be a good idea and hopefully a lot of people do that. By getting OmiseGO Tokens, you get to validate the blockchain. It’s a lot easier for you to get a good investment this way and the value does tend to shine quite a lot thanks to it. Whether the system will be worth it or not, this requires us to wait and see. But this approach may be the best one yet, so we should consider giving it a shot for sure!


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