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Warfield gas station now has crypto ATM for customers to use



Oct 23, 2021

Cryptocurrencies have proved to stand the test of time when it comes to their growing popularity. Every critic of the crypto market during its initial rise believed that it was nothing but trouble. Some even believed that these tokens are a fad, and that people would eventually leave them behind.

However, as time eventually proved, cryptocurrencies became one of the biggest assets in the world. And not only did people eventually recognize it as a valid asset, but they also eventually recognized it as a valid alternative to regular currencies. With time, even countries started to see the incredible value that cryptocurrencies could bring. El Salvador very famously became the first country to accept Bitcoin, and the country has been going on fairly well despite this decision.

And even though countries like Canada and the US have yet to make the changes necessary, they are not far behind. Canada is especially making moves in the crypto industry, especially with the HoneyBadger firm. HoneyBadger is one of the biggest crypto firms in the country, which started all the way back in 2016. Today they have over 160 ATMs throughout a variety of locations across the country. And their most recent kiosk is at the Petro Canada gas station, which is currently within the Greater trail municipality.

The manager at Petro Canada even shared her thoughts on them opening an ATM in their gas station. She said that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming incredibly popular. Therefore, she is looking forward to people using their local gas station ATM to exchange cryptocurrencies of their choice. She also said that they want to be ready for times when people will only be able to pay with cryptocurrencies. And in the case that happens, they can simply direct them to the closest ATM.

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Bitcoin has recently reached an all time high and it is raising all other cryptocurrencies with it. The market is going fairly strong, and participation from all types of investors is becoming more and more likely. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the manager was correct in her decision to have an ATM at her gas station.

The Trail Times even went out and asked HoneyBadger about their decision to erect an ATM in Greater trail. They said that their core mission is to make Bitcoin, and by extension cryptocurrencies, as accessible as possible. And they do not just want to focus on major urban centers throughout the country, but also smaller towns. Since there are people living in these smaller towns that might want to get into crypto, they can finally do so with the help of HoneyBadger.


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