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Vital Elements that Determine BTC’s Volatility



Sep 19, 2021

Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P payment scheme known for its high volatility. Remember, the coin’s volatility does not happen in separation. Moreover, it tends to determine the overall market direction. Bitcoin’s price swings affect the movement of most cryptocurrencies.

Understanding factors that determine BTC’s volatility can help you tell the upcoming tendencies and developments in the cryptocurrency industry. Here are some of the vital factors to overlook.

Investment Attractiveness

Ladislav Kristoufek’s research on Bitcoin price drivers concluded that attractiveness is a dominating element than supply and demand as far as BTC volatility is concerned. Attractiveness can be how appealing Bitcoin is and its reputation, mainly determined by political changes and media coverage.

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For instance, positive Bitcoin news plays a role in attracting potential investors to increase the BTC customer base. That is critical when the altcoin market is growing. On the other part, economic and political crises boost cryptocurrencies acceptance by the masses.

Individuals appear to rely on digital coins due to bankless transactions and potential returns in the future. Kenya, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Argentina, and Vietnam are the nations enjoying the crypto usage boom. The countries use digital assets to alleviate economic distress and sending global remittances.

Demand and Supply

Before understanding Bitcoin’s supply measure, remember that BTC’s overall stock is limited, and miners already took 90%. BTC price drops when the ‘stock increases. Meanwhile, Bitcoins stock is finite, but miners can increase its market supply through solving complex math/ mining.

Meanwhile, demand appears to impact BTC’s value than supply. Remember, the coin’s predestined stock stands at 21 million. Bitcoin price surges amid increased demand by investors. BTC has a high potential to rise despite the setbacks.

Hash Rated and Mining Difficulty

Hash rate and mining difficulty do not relate to BTC price directly. However, analysis by Chong Alex and Xin Li reveals that the element has a marginal impact on Bitcoin’s volatility. A magnified hash rate means spending more on electricity and hardware costs, translating to increased Bitcoin price.

Governments Policies

Government regulations and policies impact Bitcoin price actions. Stiff measures and sanctions have impacted BTC prices because of investor’s worries. For instance, Bitcoin’s value suffered following regulatory concerns by China.


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