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Users to Earn Cryptocurrencies through Decentralized Application’s Rewarding System



Apr 8, 2021

As per the latest reports, Make Sense Labs has revealed that it will be awarding users with cryptocurrencies who use its social messaging application. Make Sense Labs exists as an application firm that is based on a decentralized infrastructure. The particular platform is backed by Tim Draper, who is a famous American venture capitalist.

The announcement around the launch of the crypto-rewarding system through the messaging application was made by Make Sense on Monday, April 5, 2021.

During the announcement, Make Sense revealed that it had launched the crypto-rewarding on the very same day (April 5th). The firm has confirmed that all the features belonging to the cryptocurrency rewarding system have been integrated into the Sense Chat.

According to Make Sense Labs, the application was developed and launched back in 2018. Make Sense has announced that with the help of the Sense Chat application, the users will be able to earn its native tokens “SENSE”. The users will be able to earn the native tokens by using a number of interactive features that are offered by all applications of the same sort.

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Users will be able to earn tokens by creating message threads, inviting new users to the application, subscribing to different channels, and interacting with other users on the application.

The CEO of Make Sense and wife of Brock Pierce, Crystal Rose Pierce talked about the new feature offered by the Sense Chat application. Rose stated that the Sense Chat application has been created as a decentralized application that is free from third-party interference.

It is not being used by any high-profile companies such as Facebook to harvest data from the application and use it to bombard users with advertisements based on their interests.

She claimed that by using the Sense Chat application, the users are able to keep control over their data as well as maintain the level of privacy they want to have.

She stated that the teams at Make Sense have one major goal, which is to give users full authority over their unique data. It is completely theirs and they are the only ones to choose whom they wish to reveal the information to. It should be the users who get to choose the value of their personal data and how they want to share it.

By using the Sense Chat application, the users gain more empowerment. With the help of the application, the users can reward one another and can upvote any content on the application, using SENSE tokens.

She stated that the Sense Chat application would be one of a kind that would reward users with cryptocurrency tokens for interacting with different features on the application.


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