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US Court Grants 1-Year Sentence to a Man & Orders Crypto Seizure worth US$1 Million



Jul 14, 2021

A Court in the US grants one-year federal imprisonment to a person allegedly involved in developing websites containing illegal streams and downloadable video content. Upon arrest, the person was found in possession of US$ 4 Million which also included crypto funds worth around 1 Million dollars.

Talon White is an American citizen who was residing in the area of Newport located in Oregon. White was involved in the business of developing websites where he was providing downloadable video content. In addition, he was also utilizing the developed websites for allowing visitors to stream videos that were obtained illegally.

According to US law, no one is allowed to upload online content in the form of video or audio without permission from the owner. Even the acts of uploading movies, TV shows, music, etc. are also considered illegal in the absence of permission from the owner. Even if the permission is granted by the owner of the content, then there are authorities in the US whose permission is necessary.

White was also accused of such crimes and ultimately he was brought before the Department of Justice (DOJ). He was given full opportunity to plead, however, there were not even slight chances of him coming out clean from the trial. Finally, the last hearing of White’s case took place on 9th July 2021. On this date of hearing, the DOJ decided to pass the final order. DOJ noticed that White was involved in carrying out an illegal business that was in violation of several US laws. According to the DOJ, white had deliberately infringed the copyrights and the rights of property. The Court also noticed that White was also involved in crimes relating to tax evasion. While he was uploading content, he deliberately did not pay a single penny in the form of taxes.

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At the end of the hearing, White was awarded a sentence of 12-months and a day in the Federal Prison.

The trial which was instituted in 2018 finally get decided on 9th July 2021. The complaints against White were received in 2013 where complainants claimed that White was charging them payments against downloads and online streams. However, he was charging a fee against the content which was enjoyed the privilege of copyright. Even Motion Pictures too had demanded the removal of content by White but White did not pay heed to any demands.

But when he was aware that he might be arrested for his crimes, he then developed further websites to remain undetected.

The Court in its findings noted that White had made millions of dollars by carrying out an illegal business. The seized money and crypto funds found in his possession at the time of his arrest were also ordered to be seized.


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