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TradeBaionics Review – Top Reasons To Choose This Broker

Christian Klausen

ByChristian Klausen

Nov 29, 2021
TradeBaionics Broker Summary
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Here at The Next Bitcoin you can learn about many trading platforms, one of them is TradeBaionics, we have concluded that TradeBaionics is a good trading platform, it is NOT a scam! Read our TradeBaionics review today and learn all you need to know about the TradeBaionics trading platform and why we recommend it for all traders.

TradeBaionics Review

TradeBaionics logoOnline trading has become well adapted and accepted considering how much human society has advanced. Many individuals today are ready to be involved in this venture but find it somewhat confusing and that is why it is necessary to note that while digital trading may be profitable, there are certain factors to consider before going into it. Digital trading in itself is a fairly large concept as there are several commodities to be traded in and different ways these assets can be exchanged. In light of this, it is important to also note that two major markets employ digital trading. The first and increasingly popular one is the crypto market where digital assets known as cryptocurrency are bought and sold. This crypto market is becoming bigger by the day as a result of the global acceptance that cryptocurrency is currently receiving.

The other market which is based majorly on online trading is the forex market and it is one of the most popular markets in existence today. The forex market involves the exchange of foreign currencies, stocks, and other tradeable commodities. Amazingly, it is also the largest financial market in the world as it enjoys about $6.6 million daily as trading volume. As a result of this, it remains a very profitable platform for investments whether long-term or short-term. This market is however wide and so can be confusing for individuals to conduct transactions on. For this reason, forex brokers which are firms that facilitate buying and selling on the forex market have been established. With the help of these firms, individuals can make investments, trade effectively, and earn maximum profits. In this vein, the forex market is incomplete without forex brokers as they make individual interaction with the market a possibility.

The vastness of the market has led to the numerous forex brokers currently in existence, of which TradeBaionics is a good example. These different firms offer various trading services to individuals that trade with them. With their many numbers, it can be tasking and confusing to choose a broker to trade with. However, in considering a broker for trade activities especially if you intend to be a long-term forex trader, the reliability of the broker should be a priority. This is because the use of digital trading has made it possible for false financial institutions and scams to exist and this can be disastrous to a trader’s career especially new investors if involved with one. TradeBaionics is a reliable and credible trading platform and within the context of this review, you would see the several trading services offered by the platform and the reasons why forex traders often prefer trading with it.

What is TradeBaionics?

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Even with the numerous brokers currently operating in the market, this forex firm asserts its uniqueness as a broker with a huge difference. Since its existence till this moment, the brokerage has always had one thing in its mind; the trader. This implies that each trader is a significant element in the operations of the firm and as such is considered a priority.

TradeBaionics website

Having understood the challenges individuals face and the peculiarity of the market, the broker seeks to establish a secure and safe trading platform where traders can make maximum profit and meet all the financial needs they set for themselves. It is in light of this that the forex firm believes that every trader in the world irrespective of geographical location should be provided with equal opportunity and sufficient resources to make trading a successful venture. Therefore, this broker strives to keep trading and the process of making forex investments a simple yet profitable one for every trader on the platform.

TradeBaionics is dedicated to providing a trading environment that is trader-friendly, inculcated with modern trading features with a guarantee of a high-end and beneficial trading experience. By doing so, the broker seeks to become the perfect choice for traders all around the world as it pays attention to their individual trading needs. This vision is speedily becoming a reality as a result of the modern technology provided by the broker for the facilitation and improvement of trade activities. Thus the platform is gradually becoming a major attraction for traders especially for those new to the trading world.

While most brokers pay attention to the trading aspect and only seek to help their traders carry out transactions, this forex firm goes a step further to ensure that every trader understands the operations of the forex market in general. This is possible through the trading education and training services provided by the firm. By doing so, forex traders are provided with the opportunity of trading and obtaining valuable knowledge of the activities of the forex market and this is an added advantage to traders. With such a feature, it is no wonder why the broker has become a popular one, especially with new traders.

TradeBaionics Trading Services

All of these numerous forex brokers offer different trading services and this is what makes the difference between them. Some of them have limited trading services while others like TradeBaionics offer various services much to the benefit of their traders. As the firm is dedicated to the satisfaction of the financial needs of traders, it offers a large variety of tradeable assets. This implies that traders get to choose which assets they intend to trade or can even venture into multiple asset trading. With this in view, the broker offers forex trading, CFD trading, and cryptocurrency trading to its users. By so doing, traders are offered the opportunity to be exposed to the different commodities available for trading. As a result of this, a crypto enthusiast doesn’t need to visit a crypto exchange anymore as this broker makes crypto trading and other profitable assets available.

With the provision of these multiple assets comes the availability of trading tools. This is important as trading tools help to improve the trading experience of investors and their chances of market success. As this broker places importance on customer satisfaction, it provides multiple trading tools also.

TradeBaionics trading services

These tools are essential for traders who want to make well-informed trading decisions and actions. They also help traders increase their knowledge of the market and trading thus leading to the development of efficient trading strategies.  These tools include an economic calendar, trader’s guide, market insights, risk management tools, live charts, and asset index. All of these tools are important but some, in particular, are necessary as they facilitate the development of functional market strategies. Very key in this process is the market insights and live charts feature. The live charts help you understand and track the price performance and movement of commodities while market insights alert you to the developments in the marketing world.

How to Trade on TradeBaionics

It is one thing to desire to be a forex trader, it is another thing to know how to make this desire become a reality. Forex trading can be quite confusing and challenging and even with the help of forex brokers, it can still be tiring as certain brokers make the process look cumbersome. However, TradeBaionics as a platform seeks to provide an excellent atmosphere and trading environment. With this in mind, the process of making investments and carrying out trade activities is made easy on this platform. Before you can start trading, you must be registered with a forex broker. For this forex firm, in particular, the first step of registration involves the submission of certain details such as your names, email address, country of residence, and password. It is also important to more that the firm does not accept traders who are less than eighteen years. This limit is in place to ensure that the market remains one with responsible and law-abiding traders.

Once those basic details have been submitted, you would then be required to verify your email address. This measure is taken to ensure that any email provided is a functional one and not a dormant address. Upon verification of your email address, you can now proceed to the second stage of registration. This phase is in line with the broker’s KYC/AML procedures, measures designed to keep the security of the firm intact. In this stage, new traders would be required to submit more personal details for confirmation of identity. This implies that traders would need to provide a valid government-issued identity card or document, their ban details which include account number and bank statement and receipts of certain utility bills. The uploading of these documents is necessary to ensure that each account opened on the platform is owned by a human and not a robot.

After the uploading of the above documents, the company would then carry out verification to ascertain the authenticity of each document provided. A successful verification would mean that such a trader can begin to perform exchanges and transactions once a deposit has been made. Thus, your journey into the forex trading world is made easy by registering with this broker. In addition to the trading services on this platform, traders are also offered different trading accounts from which they can choose. Each of these trading accounts come with their benefits and have minimum deposit amounts.

For new traders, the most advisable account to open which is also the least is the bronze account which has a minimum of €10,000. Upon opening this account, a trader gets access to market reviews, an ebook on CFD trading, access to webinars and social trading. These tools and features would come in handy for someone new to the trading world. The next account which is slightly higher than the bronze account is the silver account. To trade with this account, the minimum deposit is €25,000. In this account, traders get the benefits of the bronze account with an additional VOD: Advanced feature. Thus, chances of market success are increased for traders upon using this account. The firm also offers a gold account which has a minimum deposit of €50,000 to trade with. As a high account, traders here are offered one risk-free trade and a personal assistant in addition to the features of the previously listed accounts.

Expert and professional traders would likely prefer the platinum account as it gives them three risk-free trades, a customized and access to the trading room to further improve and increase your market success. The deposit meant to trade on this account is €100,000. For a diamond account, you would need a deposit of about €250,000. For this sum, you as a trader will enjoy special offers, access to trading specialists, and exclusive market updates. These are in addition to the previous benefits enjoyed in previous accounts mentioned earlier. This firm’s premium account gives you to access a premium education system, premium algorithmic trading systems, a full account overview, and a dedicated account genius. The deposit amount for this account is €500,000. A VIP account with this broker treats you indeed as royalty as with this account, you can have access to a full account overview, customized platforms, and premium account manager. All of these are available tools can be accessed after the deposit of €1,000000.

For traders who trade in Islam-supported regions, they can operate an Islamic account/Halai account where they get to transact with no interest, receive market reviews, get access to both webinars and social trading. In addition to the several accounts for trading, there are also tools available on the platform which traders can take advantage of.

TradeBaionics Withdrawals and Deposits

Every online platform has its different withdrawal and deposit schemes and the fees each action attracts. For this broker, deposits are accepted through several payment means which include credit card, debit card, bank transfer, internet transfer, and e-wallets. Usually, for making deposits, the broker doesn’t charge any amount as it encourages individuals to become regular traders. Any extra fee charged would be from the payment means utilized in making deposits. The minimum deposit to conduct trade or hold in your trading account is $250.

For withdrawals, the platform also does not charge any fee and this implies that any fee paid as a result of this action is bring charged by the mode of withdrawal. To encourage continuous trading, the broker has a minimum amount under which withdrawals cannot be made.

The minimum amount is $100 and it is necessary to note that the same medium used for making deposits should also be applied to withdrawals. These two actions are made easy and often attract little or no fees to improve and increase the trading experience of every trader and ensure maximum success.

TradeBaionics Interface

Often in online trading, the interface of a platform speaks volumes about its credibility and utility. Having understood this, the broker operates a warm and easy-to-understand user-friendly interface. This simple feature is key as it relatively encourages the patronage of new users. In as much as the interface is easy to navigate, it does not downplay the fact that the platform operates on current financial technological machinery to provide efficient service delivery for its traders.

In addition to this, this broker readily supports education as it provides room for traders to increase their knowledge of the forex trading world. This is possible through the provision of educational materials and avenues on the platform such as ebooks, webinars, seminars, and even a forex training academy. This way, traders can make forex investments, conduct trade operations and increase their market knowledge.

TradeBaionics Security

Every online trading platform regardless of the commodities exchanged there takes the concern of its security as a priority. This is because the digital marketplace is open to several security risks which can be huge. In light of this, TradeBaionics as a broker takes its security seriously as it has implemented several measures to ensure that customer funds are kept safe. One such measure is its adherence to KYC/AML regulations which ensure that accounts owned and traded on the platform are legitimate and responsible. By doing this, the broker is secured from cyber crimes and thefts as this reduces the risk of hacks and security breaches.

In addition to this, there is a segregation of funds collected on the platform. This implies that the funds of traders and the company’s profits are secured in separate accounts. By so doing, traders are assured of the credibility and sincerity of the broker.

Customer Support

Digital businesses thrive with a good customer support system as it helps these online firms develop a relationship with their users. In light of this, this broker is dedicated to satisfying the financial needs and meeting the expectations of every trader. To this end, the firm has a customer support system that is always available and willing to resolve traders’ issues. The platform has a live support feature where traders’ questions and complaints are addressed and speedily attended to. There is also a callback feature that essentially individual users the opportunity of speaking with representatives of the broker as the firm calls every trader after providing their number.


There is no doubt that TradeBaionics is a credible and responsible forex broker dedicated to providing the best market and trading experience for every trader. With this in mind, this broker remains a perfect choice for trading, especially for new traders.

Christian Klausen

Christian Klausen

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