• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Tornado Cash, Ethereum’s top crypto mixer, is making a strong comeback. Despite U.S. Treasury sanctions, it processed over $77.35 million in assets last month alone.

Recovery Against the Odds

Despite facing obstacles like U.S. Treasury sanctions and the arrest of two co-founders, Tornado Cash is proving its resilience. Arkham’s recent data showcases the mixer’s impressive revival, with $77.35 million assets processed in the past month alone.

Tornado Cash, known for enabling users to conceal transfers of various crypto assets, experienced a slump post-sanctions but is now rebounding.

The platform’s ability to manage over $700 million of ETH in its pool contracts at its peak is testament to its popularity. Although it suffered a more than 60% drop in assets and a reduced transfer volume after the sanctions, the current total value locked (TVL) of about 118.3K ETH ($187.9 million) indicates a remarkable recovery.

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Regulatory Hurdles

Tornado Cash is caught in a maelstrom of legal issues as the U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions on the cryptocurrency mixing service. It stands accused of facilitating money laundering activities linked to North Korea’s notorious Lazarus Group.

Although Tornado Cash positions itself as a financial privacy tool, the Treasury contends that it played a role in laundering an astonishing $445 million pilfered by Lazarus.

Tornado Cash Developers Roman Storm and Roman Semenov find themselves under intense scrutiny, charged with assisting in the laundering of over $1 billion. The legal battles extend beyond the developers, as a Coinbase-backed group, which supported Tornado Cash, found themselves on the losing end of a lawsuit.

Judge Robert Pitman’s verdict underscored that Tornado Cash has a property interest in its smart contracts, an assertion that challenges the prevailing narrative about the nature of decentralized services.

Tornado Cash’s Issues 

While Tornado Cash offers legitimate users privacy, its darker side is highlighted by its association with major crypto heists and the laundering of billions. In 2022, the service was implicated in the $615 million Ronin theft and the $100 million Harmony attack, both associated with the Lazarus Group.

The anonymity feature, although celebrated by privacy enthusiasts, has also provided cover for cybercriminals to obfuscate their tracks effectively.

Crypto market intelligence firm Elliptic’s findings showcase a staggering $1.5 billion in proceeds from various crimes laundered through Tornado Cash. The platform’s feature that anonymizes funds and conceals the buyer’s identity, meant to protect users’ privacy, has consequently facilitated illicit activities on a large scale. 

This raises compelling concerns about the unintended consequences of privacy preservation tools in the crypto space, hightlighting the urgent need for refined regulatory and security measures to prevent misuse while preserving the users’ privacy.

Xavier Jackson

Xavier Jackson

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