• Wed. May 22nd, 2024

One does not necessarily need to spend fiat currency or connect with a bank account to start investing in crypto. After completing several tasks, he can also build a trading portfolio or earn Ether or Bitcoin on several Web3 platforms.

Users can also use decentralized finance platforms or applications for earning crypto assets and then hold and swap them through different decentralized or centralized wallets without paying any money. In this guide article, we will learn a few ways of creating a crypto trading profile without connecting to any bank.

Interaction With Web Browsers

Performing on-chain transactions or downloading online wallets may perplex users with no insights regarding crypto. This problem can be solved by frequently interacting with the crypto platforms and experimenting with different techniques. One of the most used practices is replacing Web2 technology with Web3 browsers.

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Users can earn capital by selling their data for advertisement on the Google platform. It is dominating as a search engine space and web browser platform. Moreover, the users can also earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) on the Brave browser. It provides the users with complete ownership of their data. However, the platform does not sponsor search engine posts, and users earn capital from their activity on the browser’s website.

Users opt for selling their basic attention tokens through centralized exchanges or Web3 wallets such as MetaMask, as about 70% of the revenue generated through Brave is shared.

Content Creation on Social Media Platforms

Nonfungible tokens are becoming popular among users worldwide. A wide range of software is being used by potential crypto investors where they can analyze the wallet addresses of different investors of nonfungible tokens. Moreover, users can also enjoy multiple whitelist and minting opportunities.

Users have also generated nonfungible tokens through the free minting system. However, the new blockchain networks and protocols require many testing processes similar to applying NFTs on the network. It will ensure sustainable growth of the network in the community.

Some blockchain networks, such as Arbitrum, do not possess any token, and users use an airdrop protocol to attract multiple users worldwide. Social activities based on airdrops can be a feasible way for users to earn cryptocurrencies if the users have a little knowledge of using new blockchain networks.

This requires the users to follow and promote different social media accounts while using airdrops. Moreover, users can receive social airdrops through decentralized wallets such as MetaMask.

Beta Tests and Bug Bounties

Many crypto projects and protocols have set aside a percentage of tokens. These tokens are utilized in content creation, beta testing, bug finding, and marketing tasks. Moreover, investors in the ecosystem can also win the tokens through marketing materials, creating brand designs, testing, auditing, and creating content such as music or videos.

Crypto Faucets

Crypto interest accounts are also an option for users who cannot be involved in active trading. This requires them to complete small tasks such as watching advertisements or videos. However, the rewards that can be earned through them are minimal, but one can accumulate them with time and add it to his trading portfolio. Therefore, it requires one to be consistent to earn rewards through faucets.


Despite any approach adopted by the users to earn crypto and build a trading profile, diversification is the main principle. It helps avoid losses to the maximum by spreading the risk in multiple fields. One can increase the potential of gaining maximum profit by investing in a broader range of assets and currencies.


Creating a diverse crypto trading profile is possible without spending money or time trading. It is a false assumption that interaction with crypto assets and blockchain networks requires bank accounts or fiat currencies. Crypto enthusiasts can earn capital through minimal effort in the industry. However, users are advised to take precautionary measures and thoroughly look upon all the aspects of trading before initiating any activity.

Phillip Seefeldt

Phillip Seefeldt

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