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Blockchain and crypto analytics tools significantly improve market insight and direct investors on the correct pathway. They help traders adjust in the crypto space, increasing their credibility. This guide article explains reputable blockchain analytical tools and firms assisting crypto traders worldwide and how to utilize them.

Different Blockchain Analytics Tools and Firms

  • CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap provides millions of resources and characteristics to traders. The platform provides multiple offers such as affordable prices, mobile applications, a crypto calculator, chain ranking, several rewards, a glossary, a newsletter, and a CMC community. It elaborates on the everyday revolution in the crypto market and makes it easier to understand for beginners.

  • Dune

These analytics hold a significant position in understanding blockchain research programs. Dune provides all analytical tools and instruments required for visualizing, exploring, and discovering blockchain data. Analytics can represent data in the form of visuals and data. It helps in recording the data after creating a dashboard accordingly.

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  • Token Terminal

Another commonly decentralized finance tool is Tokenterminal. The platform also provides many required tools and strategies to analyze major projects in volatile market conditions. Dune offers multiple metrics, token holders, fees, trading volumes, etc.

  • Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is an intelligence firm dealing with crypto tools and strategies. It offers multiple services to traders. Coin Metrics provides addresses, chains, and transaction details for tracing any blockchain transaction. In addition, it also offers charting tools and data feed for research spanning.

  • Chainalysis

Chainalysis is a prominent crypto trading analytics company that has deepened its roots in several crypto firms and companies. The firm offers significant screening addresses, research reports, and multiple AML and KYC compliance policies.

  • The Block

It is also a dominant company working for data and research. It helps investors find on-chain data, decentralized finance, market data, and Web3 projects. Although investors can pay for the dashboard, beginners can enjoy the free version too.

  • Coinglass

It is also one of the most popularly known trading platforms. Coinglass is known for its funding rates, trading data, open interests, and liquidation data. It helps traders in the feasible tracking of market crypto information.

Crypto Fees

It is a commonly used analytics tool used for tracking the records of past transactions and protocols in the past few days or weeks. It helps track the actual adoption of any particular protocol and the revenue generated through it.


It is another widely used analytics platform that provides a track of different nonfungible tokens. It shows the traders about multiple market-related analytics, such as new collections and top mints in the market. Moreover, it also publishes new market reports related to Web3 and nonfungible tokens.

Method to Use Crypto Analytics Tools

Traders can use crypto analytics in multiple ways discussed below.

  • Carry Out Research

Crypto analytics help traders in comparing the market prices of different assets. Traders can compare multiple products with other products in the market and analyze its price. It also provides an understanding of other market parameters and strategies.

  • Investigation of Funds Flow

Traders can draw a proper analysis of the crypto economy using on-chain analytics. It helps in recording and tracking the direction of money flow. One does not require to be an expert auditor to track the flow of funds. Traders can use accounts such as Whale Alert to track their accounts.

  • Learning About Several Sectors

A lot of firms in the crypto market publish their research reports. These interesting reports help in keeping track of multiple sectors of their business. Companies publish reports about different sectors explaining multiple crypto concepts and techniques.


The crypto market comprises millions of crypto analytics and tools, assisting traders in drafting a better market analysis. Multiple on-chain analytics and project-specific analytic tools help collect data from the market and compare the basic token prices. Multiple companies now widely use these tools to execute detailed research regarding different crypto projects.

Phillip Seefeldt

Phillip Seefeldt

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