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There is a New Phishing Bot Out in the Crypto-verse, MetaMask Warns Users



May 4, 2021

According to the latest reports, MetaMask has issued a warning as well as an intimation for all its users. In the warning, MetaMask has requested all of its users to stay extremely alert and vigilant. The firm has made its users aware of a new kind of phishing bot. According to the warning, the phishing bot has the ability to steal seed phrases of the MetaMask platform.

The cryptocurrency wallet providing company made the announcement around the possible exploit of the seed phrases on Monday, May 3. According to the sources, the social media platform that MetaMask chose to make the announcement was Twitter.

The firm has announced it is already aware of the situation and is trying to get to the bottom of it. According to the firm, as soon as a user accesses the wallet, they are prompted to a web page. On this web page, they are asked to perform a check, and when clicked, they are taken to Google form.

There, the form asks the users to add the recovery phrase into the form. Unfortunately, the users end up providing the required information, which is then used by the swindlers. They make sure that they change the password of the user’s account, so the users can no longer follow them.

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In the warning, MetaMask has announced and clarified that it does not offer a support system through Google forms and another documenting platform. The teams at MetaMask have warned crypto wallet users to stay away from such emails. If they do receive a similar kind of email/notification from some hacker, they need to ignore it and report the entire incident over to MetaMask.

According to MetaMask, the users wanting immediate assistance can go to the help section provided in the mobile application for MetaMask. They can report the particular incident so the MetaMask team can take the appropriate actions to bring the situation under control.

The firm has revealed that imposters are even pretending to be from MetaMask’s software recovery team. They are claiming to be guided by the MetaMask in dealing with the problem, asking them to make the changes instructed in the message to their smartphone apps as well.

MetaMask has revealed that so far, several mobile application users have fallen prey to such scam attempts being carried out by the impersonators. MetaMask even made repeated announcements through its Twitter platform in order to create more awareness.

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts, some users have already ended up falling victim to such a scam. One user even asked a question on the Twitter platform making it known that he had already fallen victim to the scam. He asked the officials if there were any possibilities of retrieving the money that was sold to such a scam.


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