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The Fastest Crypto-Binary Options Platform in the World Is Now Live



Mar 9, 2021

As per the latest reports, the platform known as Bitcastle has recently announced the launch and implementation of binary options for cryptocurrencies. The team at Bitcastle has stated that this is yet another achievement that has been claimed by Bitcastle.

Their development teams have worked really hard to execute this project and have finally emerged successful. The firm has announced that the cryptocurrency binary option would act as the primary function for Bitcastle.

The firm has announced that Binary Options is one of their best approaches in order to facilitate their customers with financial services. There is to facilitate not only their customers but everyone with crypto-binary options.

Bitcastle has revealed that this process will prove to be extremely beneficial for all sorts of users and investors. The platform will not only facilitate the old and experienced users but also the ones who are a novice and not familiar with the system.

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The development team has confirmed that the rules for being a part of the crypto-binary options project would be extremely simple and they will be extremely easy/convenient for the investors to grasp.

The binary options work in a way where an investor gets to make a call regarding the future price of the asset.

The investor can choose the time and the date and predict whether the price of the asset would be higher or lower than the price of the asset while making the prediction.

If an investor makes the call that the price of the asset will be higher at the particular date/time, and the outcome is indeed in the investor’s favor, then the investor makes the profit.

The firm has announced that the base currency for ordering would be Tether (USDT). The investors will be able to use the binary options for five different cryptocurrencies. The binary options for cryptocurrency pairs announced include BTC/USD, ETH/USD, BCH/USD, LTC/USD, and XRP/USD.

In addition to the currency pairs, the users will have four different mode types they will be able to use when making the call. The first option would be the High&Low, the second option would be High&Low spread, the third option would be Lightning, and the last option would be Lightning Spread.

The firm has revealed that apart from the above functionalities, it is also launching its second official token known as B-Cast. The users will be able to utilize the B-Cast token in order to perform trades through the High&Low options.

The teams at Bitcastle have also announced that the cryptocurrency binary options would be able for the users through two platforms. The users will be able to use the platform through Mobile Web and PC Web.


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