• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Following a prominent Ethereum user’s recent criticism of ADA in a leaked video, the Chief executive officer of Cardano, C. Hoskinson responded in a recent tweet to the wide-spread system criticism. 

Following his description of Cardano token as a huge Ponzi in a lately disclosed recording, its Chief executive officer C. Hoskinson posted a tweet with an onslaught on an outstanding ETH enthusiast stating that everyone must keep in mind that the Cardano platform is totally not trustworthy, while services like Celsius or Terra/Luna are the once to be trusted the most.

He was showing great annoyance and anger through these words, as he was really distressed by those who spread misinformation about the ADA token and the truthfulness of Cardano.

Such sarcastic comments were given by the CEO of Cardano in response to multiple accusations of the platform’s illiquidity.

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Regarding it, Hoskinson likewise posted a long list with a number of long-familiar crypto trading services that have been unsuccessful, such as Terra/Luna or FTS. But Cardano is still operating with no flaws and succeeding in the market.

Ethereum versus Cardano 

USA businessman Charles Hoskinson is a co-creator of the redistributed financial development firm Input-Output Global, and the ADA crypto-based financial service, as well as a co-creator of the ETH cryptocurrency trading service. ETH attendees have received criticism in the past from Hoskinson for taking part in discussions where he was accused of lacking rationality, honesty and basic understanding of the finance industry.

Cardano’s creator has made erroneous claims that the business is un-innovative and a useless scam that threatens the entire cryptocurrency sector. They appear to be enjoying 2014’s innovations and events in great detail. People need to advance and grow more than just for fun. 

The harsh reaction to criticism

He emphasized that the principal Ethereum developers wholly forgot the agreement he proposed previously. In his opinion, those who are cruising Cardano are the same individuals who made a decision to disregard it for the previous 5 years – and such behavior is simply law-breaking.

The crypto coin, who is seen as one of the architects of Ethereum, has quarreled with contributors to the team behind the 2nd largest crypto. Input Output’s CEO declared at the beginning of this Fall that even the mention of Cardano by an Ethereum supporter was “criminal.” 

Alvin Hayes

Alvin Hayes

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