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Tech Glitch from Christie’s Didn’t Let Justin Pay $70M for Beeple NFT



Mar 11, 2021

Now that the Beeple NFT has been sold for a record-high price, there are many who are claiming that they had bid a higher amount. Unfortunately, their price raise never made it to the bidding coordinators so they lost the bid.

This time, it is the chief of Tron (TRX), Justin Sun who has expressed his concern telling the entire NFT world what had happened to his bid. During the bidding process, there were many who stated that they saw some abnormalities at Sun’s end during the bid.

There were many who claimed that Sun was deliberately stopped from placing any more bids on the Beeple NFT. Following to the claims and rumors, Sun has finally decided to talk about it and has confirmed that the rumors are indeed the reality.

Sun claimed that he was either barred or there was a technical glitch at the end of Christie’s Auction House that stopped him from placing a $70 million bet for the Beeple NFT.

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According to sources, Sun had initially found success in placing the bid for the Beeple NFT. It has been confirmed that Sun had successfully placed a $69 million bid for the Beeple NFT. The name of the NFT that was up for bid from Beeple was titled “Everdays: The First 5,000 Days”.

However, to Sun’s surprise and shock, he soon came to know that some other bidder had placed a price higher than him in order to get his/her hands on the Beeple NFT.

There is currently no information about the bidder who managed to take the NFT home. The winner of the bid is yet to make an appearance and reveal his identity to the entire crypto-verse.

A spokesperson from Christie’s named Noah Davis stated that the recent Beeple NFT managed to attract many high-profile bidders from the crypto-industry. There were many crypto-enthusiasts that have made a lot of money through the industry who wanted their hands on the NFT.

This is the reason why the NFT was priced at such a huge amount and the lucky bidder ran his game of increasing the price of the bid and eventually, emerged victorious in claiming the NFT.

However, Sun is not ready to accept defeat and he is adamant that he must be the rightful winner of the NFT not the anonymous winner. He claimed that he is the one who had placed a $70 million bid for the particular NFT in order to bring it home.

Sun shared his concern over the bidding contest stating that technically, it should be him who should be receiving the Beeple NFT. He was not able to claim the NFT because a technical issue caused at Christie led to Sun not being able to him the NFT.


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