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Speedyexchange Review – A Solid Foundation for New Traders



Oct 19, 2021

Speedyexchange Review

Do you sometimes feel that the world of trading is not for you? Does this feeling come from the fact that you can’t find a starting point? Perhaps, you see traders making millions but when you try to start, you are met with barriers of all sorts? You are not alone in that feeling. Millions of other interested traders from around the world feel this way and I have too. However, you now have companies that are focusing on creating solid foundations for new traders. I am dedicating this short Speedyexchange review to talk about those features.

Yes, I am talking about this company that might seem to offer something really basic on the surface but has a lot for you if you look closely. Its trading features are great and the flexible trading conditions make it a favorite of thousands of traders from many parts of the world. Without wasting any more time on talking about other things, I will dive straight into the review to help you know this company better.

Plenty of Asset Choices

I want to bring your attention to the fact that the type of account you sign up with will not affect your ability to access tradable assets in any way. The more assets you can trade on a trading platform, the stronger your trading portfolio becomes. You will love the fact that this company offers you options in many financial markets, even to those who start with a basic trading account. Do you want to trade forex currency pairs or are you interested in leaving the conventional method of trading and trying trading some cryptocurrencies? I am sure you will be catered to well by the company no matter which path you pick.

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You can also trade many assets from the stock market in the form of CFDs. To be precise, there are more than a hundred different stocks that you can trade with Speedyexchange. Indices and commodities are also available, which means you can trade gas, oil, gold, silver, and more when you sign up with Speedyexchange.

Big Leverages and Margin Loans

I will talk about two very unique aspects of trading and tell you how this company is doing the best for traders. So, leverages let you trade assets that are not tradable with the amount of money you have in your trading account. With leverages, you will get a huge amount from your broker, which will be given to you on a pre-decided leverage ratio. So, how much money you get from the company depends greatly on the account you choose. For the silver account, which is also the most basic one, you can have leverages of up to 1:100. Do keep in mind that these leverages are not consistently available to you on every trade.

By the time you reach the corporate account, the leverage will go even higher to up to 1:400 on your trades. Last but not least, you can get up to 100% in margin loans when you sign up with Speedyexchange and open the right trading account.

Account and Portfolio Managers for New Traders

So, you have made up your mind that you want to be a trader. You have also taken some money out of your savings to invest in trading. However, you have no clue what the first step should be. Also, you are not sure if you will be able to multiply your funds or not. Let me tell you that if you have the right people helping you with your trades, you can definitely make the money that you have thought of making from the process of trading. Speedyexchange is unique in the fact that you get not an only account but also portfolio managers with this company.

Final Thoughts

So, you can see that there is no shortage of account types that you can join when you want to go with Speedyexchange. The minimum deposit for the most basic account is only $10,000. With the basic account, you can reach all the training materials and courses along with the facility to be helped by an account and portfolio manager.


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