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Spectiv (SIG) Initial Coin Offering – Decentralized Virtual Reality Streaming Platform



Nov 14, 2017

Spectiv presents a platform for dedicated virtual reality streaming which makes use of attention markets based on blockchain to back extensive implementation of virtual reality.

Some main features of this platform are inclusive of live VR streaming, for instance of sports functions, where viewers can take part at home. This platform is community-driven as well, letting regular users stream any individual experiences using their personal VR equipment.

In times to come, Spectiv aims to form their personal VR content by joining famous production firms and organizations. Similar to other virtual reality firms based on blockchain, Spectiv wants to attain a section of the multi-billion VR sector.

According to the Spectiv whitepaper, VR is expected to develop to $30 billion and more from $1 billion in 2016 by 2020. This ranks it among the quickest developing sectors in the globe.

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How Spectiv Operates

The Spectiv environment involves the use of Signals tokens (Sigs) and another currency known as Specs. Sigs are ERC20 tokens which link attention markets with Ethereum blockchain to attain quicker development in the VR sector.

When curators share virtual reality content, they earn Sigs. Also, different tokens known as Spectiv Tokens or Specs exist. Specs offer a virtual reality token that backs internal platform workings such as buying premium content, tipping and promoting rewards.

Jointly, these tokens support the main functions of Spectiv, such as the formation of a dedicated platform for VR streaming, which can back typical adoption. They motivate users to form VR content and share it.

Features of Spectiv

In general, Spectiv offers a platform that enables organizations and users to stream their exceptional experiences to the globe in a simple and beneficial manner. Viewers can take part in the experiences from the house, via virtual reality.

This platform’s main features are:

  • VR Content that is Community-Driven

Regular users offer VR experiences. Spectiv permits common users to stream any private experiences using their personal VR Equipment.

This content can vary from expertly generated footage to uploads that are casually recorded.

This is the same as the variety of content you view on YouTube and different platforms for video streaming.

  • Business VR Events

Spectiv will host VR live streams for concerts, sporting functions and more, from top seat vicinities, offering the audience a captivating viewpoint of a specific function.

This enables users to view live events from the house and fully take part in the ambiance also.

To present these functions to an audience, it is the objective of Spectiv to directly join the function’s hosts.

  • Original VR Content from Spectiv

Spectiv provides original VR content that is generated with the most sophisticated VR technologies. The productions team of Spectiv will manage this. The original content of Spectiv shall be presented to the platform following the creation of crucial commercial components that are more community-driven.

Tokens (Specs and Sigs)

As stated earlier, two tokens will be used by the Spectiv platform. Specs are going to be utilized as an internal platform currency (for premium content, tipping, and other aims), while Sigs shall be utilized as a decentralized ERC20 token).

Sigs link attention markets to the Ethereum blockchain to promote development in the sector of VR and shall be formed and shared through a token creation crowdsale set for August 2017.

Spectiv and other variations for VR Streaming Platform

Spectiv is not the initial firm to recognize possibilities in the VR space. As a matter of fact, they are not even the initial blockchain firm to focus on the VR space. Therefore, what makes Spectiv vary from its rivals? How is it going to outlive its rivals to become the next VR YouTube?

Spectiv intends to stand out from the competition via its content that is user-driven. Spectiv illustrates itself as a ‘regionalized, user combined exchange of experiences of virtual reality.’
This means it is not simply a portal that viewers can utilize to view famous VR functions. It presents a surrounding where users all through the globe can share their personal experiences with other people.


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