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Solana Mobile’s New Edition Sparks Pre-Order Frenzy, Hits 30,000 Mark

Xavier Jackson

ByXavier Jackson

Jan 18, 2024

Solana Mobile has witnessed an unprecedented surge in demand, with a record-breaking 30,000 units of its latest smartphone edition pre-ordered in less than two days.

This remarkable achievement highlights the growing consumer interest and confidence in the company’s foray into Web3.0 solutions, as it prepares for the launch of an upgraded mobile device following the success of its Saga series.

Record Solana Mobile Phones Pre-Ordered

Solana Mobile has achieved a remarkable feat, with roughly 30,000 units of their new mobile edition being snapped up in pre-orders within just 48 hours of the announcement on January 18th. This significant demand reflects the blockchain firm’s advancing steps towards broadening the reach of Web3.0 solutions on a global scale.

The upcoming model is designed to mirror the features of the Solana Saga, boasting top-tier specifications such as the Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 processor, 12GB of RAM, 512GB of Flash storage, and a 6.67” OLED display.

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In addition to these impressive specs, the phone will continue to offer an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, a customized Android operating system, and a dedicated ‘dApp store’ for various crypto applications. Despite these high-end features, the new edition will be offered at a lower price point than the Saga, coupled with substantial hardware improvements.

Saga’s Sales Surge and Secondary Market Response

When the Solana Saga was first launched last year, its initial price tag was set at $1,000. However, sales were slow initially, leading to a gradual reduction in its retail price.

The sales dynamic dramatically shifted when the introduction of a BONK token giveaway was linked to the phone’s purchase. This strategic move sparked a sudden and intense surge in demand, eventually leading to the Saga being completely sold out in the United States.

This unexpected boom in demand had a notable ripple effect on secondary markets. Notably, on the e-commerce platform eBay, sellers began listing the Saga at significantly inflated prices, sometimes exceeding $3,000.

While the phone with 512 GB memory space was originally listed around $2,499 on these platforms, the prices quickly escalated, with some units fetching as much as $3,361. This trend underscores the impact of strategic marketing and the volatile nature of consumer demand in the tech and crypto markets.

Anticipating Solana Mobile’s Next Move

Solana Mobile is poised to unveil a new edition of their smartphone, with a strategy aimed at meeting the rising demand for a more budget-friendly device while also addressing previous criticisms.

This move is partially influenced by the feedback from well-known tech reviewer and YouTuber, Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), who had labeled the Solana Saga as the “Worst New Phone of 2023.” By introducing Solana Mobile 2.0 in 2024, the company is setting its sights on overturning this perception and redefining its product’s position in the market.

This initiative could potentially serve as a pivotal moment for the Solana ecosystem, fostering significant evolution and growth. While there’s no official word yet on a BONK token airdrop linked to the new model, both existing Solana users and prospective buyers are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of any additional incentives or features that may accompany the launch of this anticipated new version of the Solana Mobile.

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