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Should Bitcoin See USDC Stablecoin Crisis At Circle As A Gift In Disguise?



Mar 15, 2023

Due to the fact that Bitcoin’s value may have increased unintentionally as a consequence of the breakdown of Circle’s Dollar Coin (USDC). For the purpose of creating a fake US dollar, more and more individuals are switching to Bitcoin.

This is happening as a direct result of the collapse of USDC. The current controversy that has surrounded the stablecoin known as USD Coin (USDC) created by Circle.

Byzantine General tweets that the debate around Circle’s Dollar Coin (USDC) stablecoin may have accidentally pushed up the price of Bitcoin.

The analysis reveals that individuals have resorted to purchasing Bitcoin and shorting cross 1x inverse in order to obtain a synthetic USD.

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Causes for a Disastrous Lack of Financial Support

This has resulted in extremely negative funding due to the large number of individuals that are engaging in this practice. The investigation uncovered additional proof that people have resorted to buying Bitcoin.

In the interest of getting a synthetic USD, it is shorting the cross 1x inverted position. Byzantine General believes that this pattern may offer an opportunity to pump the flagship coin if it continues.

Byzantine General’s research has been met with skepticism from certain members of the cryptocurrency community. These people claim to represent the current cryptocurrency market’s largest demand segment.

They are purchasing in a frenzy in order to exit USDC, driving the market. Byzantine General’s research has been met with skepticism from certain members of the cryptocurrency community.

They claim that the open interest is not growing, and it does not appear that there are any outliers in the volume. Nonetheless, there are some in the community that disagree with Byzantine General’s assessment.

Reduction in Value of the USDC

It demonstrates a possible shift towards Bitcoin as a result of the depreciation of the USDC. It’s not totally ridiculous, so you should probably take it seriously.

After its affiliation with the failing Silicon Valley Bank got public, USDC’s cash value dropped.  It had cash and short-term Treasuries as collateral. Its value has dropped below the targeted parity with the US dollar.

The US Dollar Coin (USDC) is an indispensable part of the cryptocurrency economy. It was devised to maintain a value of one dollar at all times. It was supported by cash as well as Treasury bills with a short maturity.

There was a connection between the bank and the USDC’s reserves, which amounted to about $3.3 billion. Because of this, the USDC dropped in value to a record low of 81.5 cents.

Even relatively minor stablecoins like Pax and DAI Dollar have left. It’s possible to extrapolate a widespread feeling of unease from the data on these boards.

The lack of openness has contributed to the USDC’s decline to below $1. It exists in the context of returning funds home. Concerns about the larger effects of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank have become more public.

Notwithstanding the focus that was previously put on Tether’s reserves. The value of the stablecoin has, up to this point, stayed unchanged at $1.

Market Leaders May Benefit From Reduced Competition

Bitcoin, on the reverse hand, seems to function in a particular way. The issue that is occurring with USDC has not significantly affected it in any significant way. Some crypto specialists believe this turmoil could benefit the market leader.

For this reason, money is flowing to the more established and reliable cryptocurrency. This is because the crisis is driving investors toward cryptocurrency.

Even though it is yet unclear what effect the USDC problem will have. Experts in the field of cryptocurrencies are of the opinion that the current situation may actually be beneficial to Bitcoin’s price.

This is despite the fact that the repercussions of the USDC issue have not yet been completely grasped. The findings of the study that was provided by Byzantine General offer some fascinating new perspectives on the possible repercussions.

It is possible that it will result from the USDC issue. This viewpoint, however, is not shared by all individuals, and as a result, it is not commonly accepted.


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