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There has been a surge of opposition and inconsistencies after U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler’s recent approval of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Amid the welcoming moves that led to a major step toward the popular cryptocurrency’s acceptance, opposing views have surfaced. 

These oppositions are questioning Gensler’s choice and voicing worries about its possible ramifications. Gensler also disregards the idea that BTCn be used as a store of value or a globally accepted medium of exchange while citing its illicit use of transactions in one of his recent interviews with Gensler, Joe Kernen with CNBC says that out of 20,000 units of U.S. dollars spent laundering money, 33 units of BTC are associated with illicit activities.

Gensler Issues Statement, Defends SEC’s Action, Stakeholders Show Concern

Gensler’s endorsement of Bitcoin ETFs is said to have  contradicted the SEC’s past reluctance and cautious approach to financial products linked to cryptocurrencies. Opponents contend that the abrupt change in viewpoint calls into question the coherence of the regulatory strategy and the variables affecting these choices.

Concerns about market integrity and investor protection have topped the criticism. Opponents claim that the SEC is endangering regular investors by approving Bitcoin ETFs without addressing the possibility of market manipulation. Participants in the market are concerned that a lack of solid protection may expose investors to excessive volatility and fraudulent activity in the Bitcoin space.

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In his approval statement, Gensler emphasized that the spot BTC ETF approval is not a sign that the commission is officially approving the BTC itself. Gensler also called Bitcoin a “speculative and highly volatile digital asset” while referring to its use in illegal activities and money laundering.

Stakeholders Welcomes SEC’s Action, Says Cryptocurrency Market in Good Hands

On the other hand, those who support Bitcoin ETFs argue that the approval marks a turning point in the cryptocurrency sector, providing new opportunities for institutional and retail investors to invest in digital assets inside a regulated framework.

They contend that the ruling aligns with how financial markets change and digital currencies become recognized as respectable investment assets. The ongoing discussion concerning the function and risks of cryptocurrencies within regulatory circles is brought to light by the complaints and inconsistencies surrounding Gensler’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs.

Analyzing the development, Ronaldo Marquez from Bitcoinist says that the regulatory actions will be crucial in determining the course of the cryptocurrency market and guaranteeing a stable and secure environment for market players as it continues to gain traction.

Gensler’s Response to Senator Warren’s Criticism Says Market is Protected

A recent investigation into the current development says that following Gensler’s approval, more regulatory talks are probably in store, with interested parties pushing for precise rules, safeguards for investors, and proactive actions to reduce any dangers connected to financial products based on cryptocurrencies.

While responding to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s criticisms on SEC’s spot BTC ETF approval, Gensler defended the commission’s actions, saying that he acted according to the law. He insisted that the commission’s actions were going in the right direction.

While responding to the possibility of an Ethereum ETF, Gensler says he’s somehow skeptical about the actualization. Gensler also referred to ETH as a security against the BTC, which he often perceived as a non-security asset (token). Gensler’s odd countenance of approving the spot BTC ETF while criticizing Bitcoin has triggered a broad debate in the cryptocurrency community.

Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo

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