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RoyalStox Review – Enjoy Endless Trading Opportunities



Aug 5, 2020
RoyalStox Broker Summary
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RoyalStox trading platform is quite easy to use and it gives its clients access to some exceptional features that are not available elsewhere. They don’t have a complicated and time consuming registration process and you will be able to complete it easily. The broker also boasts impressive research and educational resources for aiding its clients and improving their knowledge. You can sign up with this broker and start trading with complete confidence.

RoyalStox Review

RoyalStox logoWho doesn’t want to earn some money? Everyone is trying to improve their financial stability in these tough times, but it is easier said than done. How do you manage to maintain an impressive lifestyle and still save for your future? People are looking for an answer to this question, but does any exist? When you browse the internet space, you will come across an endless number of suggestions for making money. Sadly, most of them are not really legal and will only get you in trouble. Does this mean there is nothing that can be done? There is one way that you can earn some solid income in a very short time period and it is perfectly legitimate; trading digital instruments in the online trading world.

One of the best things about the online trading market is that it is open for everyone i.e. there are no real barriers to entry; whether you have any knowledge or experience or not, you can try your luck. The online trading space provides investors and traders with some unique opportunities for earning extra income. You don’t even have to have a massive amount of money to get started and even with a small capital, you will be able to generate great returns.

If you want to navigate the online trading space, you need to look for a broker that can offer you a trading platform for trading in the market and satisfying your financial goals. There are tons of brokers in the financial market and you can easily find one that will be ready to cater to you, regardless of your experience or trading skills. The problem is that with so many brokers operating in the online trading space, there is a chance that some of them are not genuine. As traffic has increased in the financial markets, it has given cybercriminals the perfect opportunity to find their next victims.

The number of scams and frauds in the market have increased tenfold and every other day, people are getting scammed. Fake and shady brokers have also become rampant in the market and they are exploiting traders as much as possible. Hence, when you begin your search for an online broker, you will have to proceed with caution in order to ensure that you don’t fall into a trap. You don’t want your money or your identity to be stolen, so you need to be careful in making your selection.

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Amongst the various brokers in the market, you will discover the name of RoyalStox. This broker was established to provide traders with the best tools, resources and opportunities in order to reap heavy profits from the financial markets. They are offering their services to clients all over the globe and you can also sign up with this platform for having a powerful trading experience. But, should you go ahead with it? It is perfectly normal to have doubts about a broker and the best way to clear them up is to take a close look at its background and offerings.

RoyalStox - An Introduction to the Broker

RoyalStox – An Introduction to the Broker

It is a fact that when you compare RoyalStox with other brokers, you will come to realize that it is quite new and doesn’t have much of a track record in the market. However, it will also be obvious that there has been a rapid increase in the broker’s popularity and this is because RoyalStox has made up for its lack of experience by providing efficient trading solutions to their clients. Isn’t that what every trader is looking for?

Genuinely skilled and experienced trading professionals came together to design and introduce this broker and they used their inside knowledge of the online trading space to do so. RoyalStox has created an innovative yet simplified trading platform for accommodating novice and advanced traders alike. You will not have any complaints regarding the performance and stability of the broker’s services and they have also taken steps to ensure the safety of client funds and their confidential information.

With RoyalStox’s trading platform, people can indulge in CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading, which is a popular practice nowadays. This is due to the fact that you don’t have to physically own the asset in this form of trading, which allows you to earn high returns without too much fuss. Rather than buying the asset, you basically invest in contracts that are formed on the basis of predictions of its price movements. RoyalStox allows you to trade more than 1,000 CFDs through their platform. It can deliver a flawless and positive trading experience to its clients.

The broker has put in effort to add a wide range of trading tools that can be immensely useful for their traders. They are also working on expanding their asset index to provide their clients with as many opportunities as possible. Both beginner and advanced traders will find this broker to be the right fit for their needs and you can use their services in the long run. How can you be sure? Take a look at RoyalStox’s offerings and you will be able to understand why they are a good option:

Variety of Trading Products at RoyalStox

Before you sign up with a broker, you need to ask yourself some critical questions. What financial instrument do you want to trade? It is essential to know the answer before choosing a brokerage because you don’t want to register with one, only to find out that they are not offering you the right instruments to trade. This can be extremely annoying and will only waste your time and effort. Once you know what you want to trade, you can find a broker that enables you to trade those instruments.

Even if you are focused on a few instruments, it is better to find a broker that gives you access to a whole variety of trading products. RoyalStox is the perfect choice in this regard as it offers traders the opportunity to trade more than 1,000 financial instruments and is constantly working on adding more options to the mix. The options start with forex currency pairs, which include major, minor and exotic pairs. You can easily find pairs that are in line with your budget and your risk tolerance.

It is best for beginners to start with major currencies because they will be able to find plenty of information regarding their price movements and make good and accurate decisions. In case you are not interested in trading forex currencies, RoyalStox gives you the chance to trade commodities like gas, oil, gold, silver and corn. Other than trading profitable commodities, the broker has also added indices to its platform like DAX, NASDAQ, FTSE etc. and stocks of major companies, such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and PayPal, amongst others.

Trading with RoyalStox doesn’t limit you in any way as the broker has also added cryptocurrencies to the mix and you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin via their platform. The broker gives its clients every opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio, thereby helping them minimize risks and maximize profits.

State-of-the-Art Trading Platform at RoyalStox

State-of-the-Art Trading Platform at RoyalStox

One important thing that every trader should understand is that the trading platform offered by a broker can be a deal-breaker because it can have a huge impact on your trading experience. If the platform doesn’t live up to the mark, then it will result in a negative experience. RoyalStox is aware that the trading platform plays a very important role in the success of traders in the markets. Therefore, when developing their trading platform, the broker has made sure that it is equipped with all those tools and features that can ease the trials that traders have to face in the market. Their platform empowers users to have a real-time presence in the online trading space. All you have to do to access it is log onto the broker’s website.

A web-based trading platform has been developed by RoyalStox for its clientele, which is very appealing because it saves traders from the stress of having to download or install anything. They can have a more comfortable trading experience because the trading platform can be accessed on any device or browser for that matter. This means that the users don’t have to handle the responsibility of platform management as the broker will install all the security updates and deal with regular system maintenance. Not only is their trading platform extremely responsive, it is also equipped with numerous trading tools that are aided by cutting-edge technology.

This gives RoyalStox’s trading platform an edge over the other options in the market because the tools that are available can enable traders to make sound trading decisions, thereby earning them great returns. Along with this platform, RoyalStox has also added mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that work without a hitch. The broker has integrated advanced features into the apps to allow clients to take advantage of on the go opportunities.

Numerous Choices in terms of Accounts

When you sign up with a brokerage, it is standard and expected that you would have to open an account with them. This account allows you to make deposits and withdrawals to make trades and collect profits easily. Every broker provides several choices in terms of account types and the same is true for RoyalStox. There are a total of six account choices available to anyone who wants to sign up with this broker. These accounts boast some unique features that can accommodate the needs of the broker’s clients effectively.

You can choose the account of your choice, as long as it is in accordance with your trading experience and financial needs. Your selection also depends on the amount of money you wish to invest. The various account choices that RoyalStox offers to you are:

  • Micro Account

The first account type on RoyalStox is the most basic option that’s available to the traders. Beginner traders who have little or absolutely zero experience in online trading will definitely find this account a good option. To start with, you can open this account with a minimum deposit of $250 and the maximum deposit that can be made in this account is $4,999. It provides a dedicated account manager to users for 2 weeks, 24/5 customer support, partial academy access and access to all trading platforms. The minimum trading volume is 0.01 lots, leverage in this account is 1:350 and withdrawals are processed in 5 days.

  • Standard Account

The second trading account that you can open with RoyalStox has a minimum deposit requirement of $5,000 and a maximum deposit limit of $24,999. A dedicated account manager is provided to account holders for guiding them and helping them establish their priorities in the financial market. The account also comes with an introductory session for the users and fixed spreads are part of the conditions. Leverage is now set at 1:200 and the withdrawals under this account are processed in 7 days.

  • Platinum Account

The third account type that RoyalStox has introduced for its clients is one that’s meant for traders with some level of experience. To open this account, traders have to deposit at least $25,000. If they are ready to invest more, they can increase the amount to as much as $49,999. The spreads are fixed for some assets whereas others come with variable ones, depending on what you wish to trade. A one-on-one trading session is also available for traders.

  • Premium Account

Next up, you will find the Premium account on RoyalStox, one that is created for serious traders. The minimum deposit requirement of the account has been set at $50,000 and the maximum deposit limit is $99,999. The leverage under this account is set at 1:500 that allows traders to make bigger traders and get a bigger share of the pie.

  • VIP Account

RoyalStox’s next account option is the VIP account, which has been designed for VIP traders. These are skilled in what they do and are ready to make bigger trades. The minimum deposit requirement for opening this account begins at $100,000 while the most amount that you can deposit here is $249,999. Under this account, traders can access features of all other accounts and they can also get full academy access to learn everything they need to know about trading. The leverage that traders can get in this account is 1:750 and they are also given premium spreads for maximizing their profits.

  • Business Account

Last, but definitely not the least, RoyalStox has introduced an account for professional traders called the Business account. The minimum deposit of this account starts at $250,000 and the maximum you can invest through it is $500,000. The leverage in this account is increased to 1:1000 to and traders can make immediate withdrawals. Plus, they can also connect their debit card directly to the account, which can make deposits and withdrawals extremely easy and simple for traders.

Stress-Free Deposits and Withdrawals

Stress-Free Deposits and Withdrawals

Once you have gone through the account choices mentioned above and made your selection, you are now aware that you have to deposit funds to get started. In order to do so, you have to check what methods are available for making deposits as well as withdrawals on the broker’s trading platform. You also need to check what fees are charged for each. The good news about RoyalStox is that they are very open about what banking methods they offer and the fees they charge for them. There are a number of choices at your disposal when you wish to make deposits and they include both recent and conventional options.

You can use the bank wire transfer option if that seems convenient to you. You can also add funds through the use of debit and credit cards. Along with these options, RoyalStox has also added several e-wallets and payment services to their banking methods. The same methods can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. As for the processing time, this will depend on the method you decide to use. Deposits on the platform are completely free of charge, no matter which method you are using. RoyalStox will not charge you for adding funds to their trading account, but there are fees applicable when you withdraw any funds. This will depend on the amount you withdraw and the method you are using. For instance, the highest fee is applicable on bank wire transfers, which is $50.

Secure and Dependable Trading Environment

If you have ever had any trading experience or have done some research, then you are probably aware that a broker’s security is not something that should be taken lightly. Online trading has a great deal of security risks associated with it and brokers need to do everything possible to minimize them. RoyalStox has taken all the security issues into consideration and their priority is to ensure that they can protect all confidential and personal information entrusted to them by their clients. You can rest assured that your information is in safe hands when you choose this broker.

They have made use of the highest standards of encryption technology on their platform, which means that every single piece of data remains fully secure. Apart from that, RoyalStox has also implemented the KYC policy, which is known as the Know Your Customer policy. The purpose is to help the broker in identifying their customers properly before allowing them to use their services. In order to do so, traders are required to provide some important documents to confirm their identity. In this way, criminals and hackers cannot sign up with the broker to steal the funds.

In fact, RoyalStox also complies with the AML policy, which is called the Anti-Money Laundering policy. Traders have to provide documents for confirming their identity, which is done in the form of a government-issued ID like their driver’s license, passport or their national ID card. They also have to prove their address by providing a bank statement or a utility bill that shows their name and address. No shady accounts can be made on the exchange in this way. Other security features provided by the broker include two-factor authentication. It can help in inculcating transparency in the broker’s operations and keeps your account secure against any risks.

Prompt and 24/7 Customer Care

For a successful and profitable trading journey, traders also need access to quality customer support. The trading world can be a confusing one to navigate and traders can often become frustrated when they are having trouble with something. Therefore, it is a given that they would have a ton of questions. To meet the needs of its clients, RoyalStox has incorporated round-the-clock customer support on its platform. They have made it a priority to provide individual attention to their clients and the best thing about the broker is that their support can be accessed through a plethora of methods.

They have multilingual customer support representatives because the broker offers its services to global clients. You can reach out to these agents through email or you can also get in touch via the phone number provided on the website. There is also an online contact form that can be used to submit your query. If you don’t want to use any of these options, you can try live chat and RoyalStox also has an active social media presence as well that can also come in handy. The representatives are very responsive and friendly and they aim to resolve your issues right away.

Final Thoughts

When you have assessed this broker, you will realize that the RoyalStox trading platform is quite easy to use and it gives its clients access to some exceptional features that are not available elsewhere. They don’t have a complicated and time consuming registration process and you will be able to complete it easily. The broker also boasts impressive research and educational resources for aiding its clients and improving their knowledge. You can sign up with this broker and start trading with complete confidence.


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